APOLLO provides fully automatic cassette-to-cassette ALD processes with high throughput performance at the lowest cost of ownership. APOLLO leads in every aspect of ALD productivity, performance, cost, and sets a new standard for efficiency while reducing environmental impact. With its ‘zero-waste’ processing, APOLLO lowers factory power consumption and occupies a smaller footprint on the clean-room floor.


APOLLO is a commercial scale high throughput wafer coating system.


APOLLO reaches new heights of ALD productivity with outstanding chemical utilization, lowest cost of ownership, and highest throughput manufacturing capability. Forge Nano’s patented SMFD-ALD(TM) process ensures quality of films and nanolaminates  

Features and Benefits

• High throughput: 12-30 nm/min
• Low maintenance exceeding 250 microns of accumulated film MTBM
• Integrated abatement for Zero-Waste and long pump lifetime
• Up to 90% precursor utilization efficiency
• Small footprint: only 1 square meter per process chamber
• Fully interlocked for fault-safe and zero-emission
• Better than 1% WIW and WTW uniformity
• Semi-S2 and UTL certified
• Low cost of ownership
• Proprietary, innovative system components designed to optimize ALD performance and productivity

Many custom configurations available…

Forge Nano is delivering APOLLO around the world to enable a new generation of advanced technologies. APOLLO features best in class        maintenance and world class service, from our dedicated team of US based engineers and scientists. Capabilities: Cost-effective, high-productivity ALD of many films and combination films including HfO2, ZrO2, Ta2O5, Al2O3, ZnO, ZnAlO, SiO2, HfSiO, TiO2, <300°  TiN, BN, GaN, Nb3N5 and more. Covering challenging patterned wafers such as advanced-generation DRAM device wafers with >50X enhanced area.

Configuration: APOLLO accommodates wafer sizes from 75 mm up to 300 mm with single-wafer loader or cassette to cassette configurations.

Design: APOLLO uses our millisecond response ALD manifold that integrates 10 of our patented Fast Pneumatic Valves (FPV) to deliver over 100 million trouble-free cycles of composite and nanolaminate ALD films. This manifold is the only ALD manifold that can switch composition every cycle without any throughput penalty. Field proven since 2005, our valves set  records for speed, reliability, lifetime and safety, while performing at temperatures as high as 220°C.  Forge Nano’s ALD valves are the only doubly contained, spill-free UHP valves on the market.

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