Atomic level surface engineering… AT YOUR DESK!

Many scholars believe that PANDORA’S box actually contained something far less sinister… 
HOPE! Forge Nano created PANDORA to help unleash the power of Atomic Layer Deposition. This desktop research tool makes Particle Atomic Layer Deposition faster, more affordable, and more convenient than anything else on the market today. PANDORA comes ready to run out of the box and ensures worry free, reliable operation, day in and day out. 


PANDORA is available in a standard base mode, as well as a cGMP certified model. Please download the brochures below to learn more. 





The base “box”

PANDORA is designed to be configurable for the use in many applications. From simple reactions, to advanced research, PANDORA can do it all. 

With multiple configurations and customizable options, this impossibly compact tool enables Atomic Layer Deposition research in an easily accessible and approachable form factor. By featuring open source architecture, and building a community of active users, atomic level surface engineering is literally at your fingertips. Pandora is equipped to perform full fledged Atomic Layer Deposition experimentation with REAL results. And best of all, Forge Nano can help you scale, and industrialize your application. Unlock your next BIG innovation with PANDORA.

cGMP Compliance

For use in Industrial, and Pharmaceutical research, our cGMP options allow advanced research, with even more control. 

PANDORA base unit. 

Add-ons and configurations available

Powered easily, anywhere in the world

200-220V 20 Amp Circuit

cGMP Compliant housing. 

Exceeds industrial build standards. 


  • Up to 6 inlet ports for gas and precursors
  • Optional zoned precursor source heating
  • Continuous or static flow compatible
  • Reactor and manifold heating up to 200C


  • 100mL batch size 
  • Optional chamber inserts for added mixing 
  • Optional impactor for increased mixing 
  • Optional QCM port 
  • D-Keyed shaft for fast reactor exchange 
  • Real-time pressure and temperature feedback


Powders (micron or larger spherical and rough)

  • Extrudates
  • Small objects
  • Pharmaceutical APIs
  • Fibers


  • Intuitive interface with recipe builder
  • Real-time data logging
  • Pre-defined recipes for fast startup 


  • Precursor Inlet ports (Up to 6 total)
  • Zoned precursor source heating up to 200C
  • Passive impactors
  • Volumetric dosing
  • Reactor view-port and internal lighting
  • In-situ QCM
  • Residual Gas Analyzer
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Plasma
  • cGMP Compliance

Additional Information:

  • UL, CE, RoHS marked
  • 200-220V 20Amp Circuit
  • Ship and install anywhere 

Access to Forge Nano’s Commercialization Services Program, including help with:
Commercial Vetting, IP Protection, Equipment  Design, Scaleability, Planning, Manufacturing, Production, etc. 

Forge Nano is the world’s leader in surface engineering at the atomic scale. Our suite of soulitons range from lab scale research tools, to completle factory integrations designed specifically for efficeny, speed, scalability. For the first time ever, nano-scale coatings are fast, econmical, and commercilly avalible. The next wave of materials innovation is ahead.

Forge Nano puts the worlds leading Atomic Layer Depostions authorites at your fingertips. Contact our experts to learn about this breaktrhoughs in materials science.

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