PROMETHEUSAdvanced R&D/Pilot Scale ALD

Lab and Pilot Scale Atomic Layer Deposition
The PROMETHEUS system is a fluidized bed reactor that provides our most cutting-edge research capabilities on a single, configurable machine. Forge Nano has installed PROMETHEUS in laboratories and universities all over the world. Forge Nano scientists run PROMETHEUS systems every day for our own in-house ALD research. The system features a variety of reactor sizes that enable research from 1g to 20kgs of material.

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Lab-scale Atomic Layer Deposition has never been more attainable. We designed Prometheus to accelerate the understanding of Atomic Layer Deposition and develop its commercial applications. Prometheus is our lab-scale atomic layer deposition tool. Prometheus is built with scalability in mind, with multiple reactor sizes available, batch size is adjustable.

Base Configuration

  • 50 – 450 °C Reactor and Substrate Heating
  • 50 – 200 °C Manifold Heating
  • Two Heated Precursor Sources (up to 200 °C)
  • Automated Recipe Management, Data Logging, and Alarming via Remote HMI
  • 10 – 100g Substrate Capacity
  • Mechanical Fluidization Assistance (Piston Impaction and Vibration)
  • Integrated Dry Fore-line Pump and Inline Abatement
  • Facility Alarm Inputs and Outputs
  • Fully swept manifold design eliminating all dead-legs and clog points
  • Automated Recipe Management, Data Logging, and Alarming via Remote HMI


  • Up to 4 Bubbler Style Heated Precursor Sources
  • Up to 2 Additional Heated Vapor Draw Precursor Sources
  • Gaseous Chemical Inlets Upon Request
  • 1 – 5g Reactor Size
  • 100 – 1000g Reactor Size
  • > 1000g Reactor Sizes Upon Request
  • Inert Substrate Handling
  • On-Demand Ozone Generator and Integrated Destruct
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • “Gas Jet” Fluidization Assistance

Game Changing Innovation


Oxides, Metals, Nitrides, Phosphates, MLD


Catalyst, Thermal Filler, Pharma APIs, Battery Materials, Encapsulation

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