From Lab to Commercial-Scale, Forge Nano’s ALD Tools Provide the Right-Scale for Every Stage of Development

Forge Nano’s suite of ALD reactor products covers the full spectrum from lab-scale to pilot and high-volume commercial-scale manufacturing systems.  Our systems can apply sub-nano to nanoscale thickness coatings one atomic layer at a time at volumes ranging from milligrams per day to kilotons per year of substrate material. We have the right-scale tool available for all your particle and small object ALD coating needs. In addition to our in-house toll-coating capabilities, Forge Nano sells ALD equipment directly to customers. Whether it be for a lab-scale tool to accelerate research or a commercial-scale system for your manufacturing operations, Forge Nano’s expertise is in the design, development, and implementation of ALD equipment for any application.

Scale-up From Milligrams Per Day to Kilotons Per Year

For more information, check out our newly released Prometheus lab-scale R&D tool and our commercial-scale Morpheus system both available for sale or for toll-coating. If you would like any more information about our ALD solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.