Precision nano coatings, ideal for creating nanostructures, multilayers, and heterostructures for magnetic materials.

Precision nanocoatings reduce core losses in soft magnetic composites and offer process improvements to bonded and sintered magnets

Electrically isolating magnetic particles might seem like a challenge, but we have figured out an effective fix. In fact, a few nanometers of material is all that is needed to drastically reduce  eddy current losses in your soft magnetic composites (SMCs).

At Forge Nano, we’ve developed a solution called Atomic Armor™, an ultrathin nanocoating that perfectly encapsulates particles with an electrically-insulating, protective shell. Atomic Armor is applied using a process called Atomic Layer Deposition, or ALD, which builds material up atom-by-atom, giving a dense, defect-free film with excellent dielectric properties.

ALD has been used for decades as dielectric insulators in semiconductor devices, and Forge Nano’s Atomic Armor solution has transferred this precision technology to the powder space. Unlike sol-gel coatings, this nanocoating is ultrathin and uniform, keeping particles isolated from each other without affecting the bulk properties of the magnet.

With Atomic Armor-coated magnetic particles, your SMCs will have:

  • Reduced core losses from eddy currents and enhanced component performance
  • Higher permeability  to increase efficiency and available torque
  • Improved mechanical properties enabled by higher curing temperatures


In addition to SMCs, we are also developing solutions for bonded magnets and sintered magnets, including: 

  • Binder adhesion improvement to increase upper magnetic material composition
  • Enhanced corrosion and oxidation resistance for high-stress environment use
  • Precision dysprosium loading for reduced OPEX costs


If you are interested in demoing Atomic Armor on your magnetic powders, contact us below to learn more from our experts. ​