Forge Nano is a World-Leader in Versatile, Robust ALD Research Equipment

The team at Forge Nano has helped scores of world-class academic institutions and researchers with their most challenging ALD investigational programs. We understand that you need a flexible, robust, and cost-effective solution which can support your heavy use environment. We can provide the training, maintenance programs and versatile products that can take your research to a higher level, helping your team to extract the most value and capabilities of our exceptional ALD technologies – for a range of applications.

Unlock the power of Atomic Layer Deposition with Forge Nano's industry leading suite of research tool and equipment.

Download the paper to learn more about the equipment being used at Universities and Corporations to develop materials science innovations. 


A Host of Material Benefits

Forge Nano’s Atomic Layer Deposition Technology Enables:

Corrosion resistance  |  Oxidation resistance  |  Improved dispersion  |  Reduced viscosity  |  Dielectric properties  |  Electrical conduction  |  Electrical insulation  |  Ion conduction with corrosion resistance  |  Improved strength  |  Improved bonding  |  Greater catalytic activity  |  Resistance to coking  |  Optical tuning  |  Adherence base layer