Forge Nano is a world-leading materials science company. Harnessing the power of our proprietary nanocoating technology, Atomic Armor we accelerate manufacturing innovation and transform product performance to achieve a more sustainable future.




Go big or go home.
It’s a mantra that we’ve all heard.

But in manufacturing, the trajectory of innovation is about going small.
Every time you need to improve performance, you go smaller,
because the smaller you get the more control you have.
That’s what we’ve achieved with Atomic Armor.

At Forge Nano, we go big by going small.


The true test of a technology is the ability
to evolve from science to scale.

The seeds of Atomic Armor were planted at the University of Colorado
Atomic Layer Deposition Lab.
Over the past ten years, we have built this innovative technology to a
commercially-viable manufacturing scale.

From semiconductor wafers to ultra-high surface area powders, our equipment applies Atomic Armor onto nearly any surface and form factor.

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With Atomic Armor, you can create the next generation of products.

Batteries that charge faster and last longer. Rocket fuel that is more stable.
Medicines with improved efficacy and longer shelf life. Fabrics that resist
bacteria and odors. Even golf balls that could fly higher and farther.

Atomic Armor is the catalyst to unlock the potential of your products.

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Forge Nano has built a portfolio of equipment and tools to apply Atomic Armor onto nearly any surface and form factor.

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Atomic Armor improves the capacity and durability of lithium-ion batteries,
making them charge faster and last longer – with better safety at a lower cost.

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