Scaleable ALD solutions

We apply coatings, one atomic layer at a time.

High Performance, High Throughput, Low Cost.

We make Particle Atomic Layer Deposition, reliable, scalable, and, affordable.

Forge Nano is a global expert in Particle ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition). We put the days of slow, expensive nano coatings in the past. Forge Nano has the solution, no matter what your nano-coating needs are. Forge Nano enables fast, affordable, atomic level coatings and surface engineering. Our powder-on-demand system applies lean manufacturing principles to Atomic Layer Deposition. Forge Nano technology minimizes costs, while maximizing potential.

Forge Nano enables high throughput manufacturing capabilities at affordable price points. We make technologies that were once “put on the shelf”, viable for commercial products. We are introducing a new wave of customized products to market.

Our nano-engineered surfaces enable materials of the future.

We are global leaders in surface engineering technology

Forge Nano improves products, through the use of nano-technology. We are specialists in particle ALD, turning laboratory innovations into affordable, market ready products.

Our proprietary high-throughput processes, makes nano-coating a practical solution. Forge Nano technology is used to improve a wide range of materials, such as, powders, flats and objects. Our coatings are applied quickly, reliably, and, affordably.



Forge Nano's patented process is designed with scaleability in mind. From lab-scale research tools, to custom built, commercial-scale solutions, Forge Nano does it all.


Forge Nano coatings boost performance. We coat anything. from powders and wafers to complex substrates. Forge Nano's particle ALD process coats your materials at an atomic level.


Forge Nano solutions are custom tailored for performance, and, reliability. Our technology enables coatings to be applied with unmatched precision, and consistency.

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