200 mm Cluster Platform

Performance, Yield, and Speed. We don’t do tradeoffs.

TEPHRA is Forge Nano’s single-wafer, thermal ALD cluster tool dedicated to high volume manufacturing of specialty semiconductor applications on 200 mm wafers and below. It is built for high throughputs, efficient chemical use and low-risk manufacturing, setting new benchmarks for thermal ALD productivity.

Atomic Layer Deposition cluster tool for 200 mm wafer processing

Atomic layer deposition Designed for manufacturing

TEPHRA features Forge Nano’s proprietary ALDx technology combining batch-level throughput and efficiency with quality and performance in a single-wafer, thermal ALD cluster tool. With dedicated process modules for conformal oxide, nitride and metal depositions, TEPHRA enables advanced device architectures for applications in heterogeneous integration, power semiconductor, radio frequency devices, microLED and more.

enabling high aspect ratio METAL BARRIER SEED FILMS

Our flagship application for TEPHRA is the Metal Barrier Seed Stack. Powered by our ALDx technology, TEPHRA enables ultra conformal thin films in high aspect ratio structures for advanced 3D integration applications, including through silicon and through glass vias. Using proprietary catalyzed thermal ALD reactions, our process is poised to allow manufacturers to move beyond 10:1 aspect ratios, scale their packaging processes, and reduce power consumption all without the use of plasma.

4:1 trench coated with an ALD metal barrier seed stack with electroplated copper on top


TEPHRA is available in 3 configurations: a 4-sided, 6-side and 8-sided cluster platform.

Specification​3 Process Modules​4 Process Modules​6 Process Modules​
Wafer Sizes

Up to 200 mm

Process Temperatures

80°C to 300°C

Precursor Channels

Up to 6

Power Requirements

3-Phase,4-Wire 208Y/120 V @ 60Hz
3-Phase,4-Wire 400Y/230 V @ 50Hz



Main dimensions(LxWxH)

2660x3745x1960 mm

2685x3840x1960 mm

4070x3130x1960 mm

Ancillary Equipment 

Main Power Distribution 300x900x1800 mm
Transport Module Dry Pump 450x230x275 mm
Process Module Dry Pumps 750x280x430 mm


Oxides: Al2O3, SiO2, HfO2, ZrO2, Ta2O5, AZO, TiO2, Y2O3

Nitrides: TiN, TaN, AlN, GaN, ZrN,

Elements: Ru, Pt, Co, Cu, Ni


Barrier Films

Seed Layers

Moisture Barriers


Passivation Layers

Transparent Conductive Oxides

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