Delivering the worlds best Lithium-Ion battery

Using our proprietary atomic layer deposition process we are able to offer the next generation of lithium ion batteries. Our technology improves performance and safety and can be applied batteries used in a wide array of applications.

Best in class battery performance, safety and cost

Forge Nano delivers enhanced performance, improved safety, and lowest cost Li-Ion Batteries using our proprietary ALD technology.

Energy Density

20% Increase in range

For same battery, size and chemistry

Improve Lifetime

2-10X Increase in cycle life

Lower degradation rate of time

Faster Charge

10 Minute fast charge

Allows for higher charge voltage

Safer Batteries

50% decrease in heat generation

Decrease rating to EUCAR 3

Lower Cost

20% Lower cost per Kwh

Replaces costly production steps

Future Proof

Improves all chemistries

Keep up with battery chemistry evolution

Bringing better batteries to key growth markets


~20% Increase in range

True 10-minute fast charge 

Increased safety

20% lower cost per kWh


In-space demonstrated

Increased temperature performance



Heat tolerant fast charge/discharge

Improved calendar life

Longer battery life


Extended cycle life 

Improved heat tolerance

Forge Nano commercial ALD equipment is drop-in ready for full-scale battery production

Validated with global leading EPC in battery production facility construction

Demonstrated on today's chemistries and positioned to enable tomorrow's

Forge Nano ALD precision coatings are chemistry agnostic and able to improve any common battery chemistry.

We look to be the enabler for battery chemistries now and in the future.

Diagram showing how Forge Nano's ALD treatments can improve battery life and performance

Forge Nano has demonstrated the ability to increase energy density, charge speed and deliver a safer battery

Securing the future of Lithium-Ion battery recycling

ALD coatings stabilize the battery SEI layer, unlocking indirect recycling and lower cost recycled material integration


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Forge Nano is partnering with a number of customers to deliver these batteries to market

Forge Nano’s precision ALD coatings on cathode and anode powders protect against the most common degradation mechanisms found in Li-ion batteries, including transition metal dissolution, electrode-electrolyte interactions and active material instability.

Enhancing Safety and Durability

The benefits of Forge Nano precision coatings include extended battery life and greater safety, especially in extreme situations such as high temperature operation, fast cycling rates and overvoltage conditions.

Our extensive R&D experience in coating various battery materials and powders also helps our clients expedite the product development cycle while reducing costs.

The data on Forge Nano’s coatings in Li-ion batteries show:

  • ALD enabled cathode and anode materials increase battery lifetime by as much as 200%
  • 20% higher battery capacity in large format pouch cells (40 Ah) that pass nail penetration testing
  • 60% reduced gas generation in cathode material
  • A low-cost high-voltage cathode powder with exceptional performance
  • Increased rate capability of conventional materials for enhanced fast charge acceptance using Forge Nano’s proprietary solid electrolyte coatings

At Forge Nano we are committed to using our technology to help you produce more environmentally friendly products. From batteries that last longer to catalysts that improve process efficiency. We believe cutting edge technology can be a force for good in the world, and we can help you be part of that good.