Do you want to halt failure mechanisms in your batteries and lead the industry in performance? We are here to help. 

ALD Increases Battery Energy Density, Extends Lifetimes, Decreases Thermal Runaway, and Enables Higher C Rates.



At Forge Nano, we understand how difficult it can be to get the most electrochemical performance out of your batteries. Structural instabilities and parasitic reactions with the electrolyte degrade the electrode performance, stopping your batteries from reaching their full potential.

To combat these challenges, we have developed Atomic Armor™, a nanoscale coating for cathode and anode materials, that has been proven to:

  • Stabilize electrodes at high voltages to increase energy density
  • Prevent ion dissolution and particle cracking for longer lifetimes
  • Decrease thermal runaway and heat propagation to adjacent cells for safer operation
  • Enable use at higher C rates to unlock fast charging applications
  • Enable cells to safely and sustainably operate in fast-charging applications


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Available for:

Cathodes – NMC811, NMC622, NCA, LCO, LMO, LMNO, LNO and more!

Anodes – Silicon-based Materials, Natural Graphite, Synthetic Graphite

Other – Solid Electrolytes, Conductive Additives, Other Components

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*Improvements may vary based on individual battery formulations.

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Best in class battery performance, safety and cost

Forge Nano delivers enhanced performance, improved safety, and lowest cost Li-Ion Batteries using our proprietary ALD technology.

Energy Density

20% Increase in range

For same battery, size and chemistry

Improve Lifetime

2-10X Increase in cycle life

Lower degradation rate of time

Faster Charge

10 Minute fast charge

Allows for higher charge voltage

Safer Batteries

50% decrease heat generation

Decrease rating to EUCAR 3

Lower Cost

20% Lower cost per Kwh

Replaces costly production steps

Future Proof

Improves all chemistries

Keep up with battery chemistry evolution

Bringing better batteries to key growth markets


~20% Increase in range

True 10-minute fast charge 

Increased safety

20% lower cost per kWh


In-space demonstrated

Increased temperature performance



Heat tolerant fast charge/discharge

Improved calendar life

Longer battery life


Extended cycle life 

Improved heat tolerance

Demonstrated on today's chemistries and positioned to enable tomorrow's

Forge Nano ALD precision coatings are chemistry agnostic and able to improve any common battery chemistry.

We look to be the enabler for battery chemistries now and in the future.

Diagram showing how Forge Nano's ALD treatments can improve battery life and performance