The Benefits of Atomic Layer Deposition Coatings on Semiconductors

Advances in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology have enabled ultra-thin conformal coatings on semiconductor wafers and components. This technique provides incredible precise thickness control  and robust film properties and in many ways is superior to CVD and PVD coating technology.

With ALD solutions and equipment from Forge Nano, this process is faster, more efficient and more cost effective than ever before. Semiconductor fabricators can benefit from Forge Nano ALD-Cap technology to create hermetic, pin-hole free, low stress thin films that offer excellent uniformity and precision for a range of applications, from 75-200mm wafers to fully assembled semiconductor packages ready for hermetic packaging.

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Semiconductor Coating Solutions

Forge Nano’s ALDX technology has various applications in the semiconductor industry.



ALD-Cap® is a flexible ceramic coating that provides an ultra-thin hermetic seal and is a low-cost replacement to specialty hermetic packaging.

High-K Dielectric


High-k dielectric coatings are achieved at rates of up to 20 times faster than competing thermal SiO2 processes, thanks to our proprietary precursor delivery system that delivers sub-second cycle times even for low-volatility precursors.



ALDX encapsulation can also be applied to emerging display technologies, including microLEDs, touch screens and flexible TFTs, which require low temperature deposition with higher film conformality at throughputs comparable to sputtering and CVD.

Benefits of ALD over CVD and PVD

Alternatives to ALD include Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), however thanks to Forge Nano’s pioneering research and technological advancements, ALD can produce coatings of superior quality, with a thinner film and improved precursor consumption efficiency. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to semiconductor applications as the industry continues to evolve to greater die density and lighter weight packaging with increased sensitivity to environmental conditions

Forge Nano ALD Solutions

Forge Nano offers several ALD coating services to support semiconductor design and fabrication through the entire process, from validation of early concepts all the way through to commercial production:

  • Proof of concept – our team develops an ALD coating solution for testing purposes
  • Developer agreements – we test and refine the process using our in-house equipment
  • Toll coating services – your products or components are delivered to us for ALD coating
  • Forge Nano ALDX Equipment – add our proprietary ALD coating machines to your production line

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