Forge Nano are market leaders in providing precision nanocoatings to protect lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries against their most common degradation mechanisms. We provide ultra-thin, functional surface modification technologies to Li-ion batteries to deliver increased safety, higher energy, and longer cycle life.

We use atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology to deposit these materials onto li-ion batteries, and our manufacturing processes make uniform angstrom-thick coatings, affordable, fast, and commercially viable for Li-ion battery cathode and anode materials.

With our precision nanocoatings, PICOSHIELD® NCA, NMC and graphite products for Li-ion batteries are ready to be integrated into battery design cycles. This post will discuss some of the materials used in our PICOSHIELD® range.

Cathode Materials

Forge Nano’s ALD technology can be used to produce long cycle life core-shell cathodes with popular materials, including PICOSHIELD® nickel-rich NMC and PICOSHIELD® NCA.

Batteries made with Al2O3­­ ALD coated NMC811:Graphite show a 300% increased lifetime compared to batteries with un-coated NMC811:gGraphite when they both are placed in a 2.4 Ah pouch cell, are cycled to 4.35V at room temperature with a C/3-C/3 charge-discharge rate.

When nickel-rich cathode powders are coated with our ALD technology, capacity fade has been shown to be effectively suppressed.

Alternate classes of high voltage materials are emerging as a new option for cathode materials, and Forge Nano’s ALD coating technology can be used to provide a mechanism to reduce the number of cells required to achieve a nominal voltage in commercial battery packs.

Results have shown that these precision nanocoatings developed by Forge Nano have resulted in no cracking, phase change, pitting, or any other evidence of corrosion throughout the cell’s entire lifetime.

Anode Materials

Our ALD technology has been proven to provide a high TRL/MRL composite anode solution. Our PICOSHIELD® Natural and Synthetic Graphite powder have shown to achieve substantial benefits for drop-in ready solutions for anode chemistries already available.

Degradation mechanisms for anode and cathodes are different, yet often interrelated, we have discovered that cells with coated anodes and cathodes can deliver excellent benefits. Our ALD coatings can enable Ni-rich NMC to be cycled safely at 4.35 to 4.4V and achieve the same degree of robustness as pristine cathodes cycled at 4.2V with 100% DOD.

The added stability of the anode material delivers an increase in energy density while still delivering a cycle life of over 2,200 cycles.

PICOSHIELD® From Forge Nano

Our PICOSHIELD® ALD coated anode and cathode bulk powders are a viable method for Li-ion battery manufacturers to experience the advantages of ALD coatings. Forge Nano is now making anode and cathode powders at scale and entering into supply agreements with strategic partners to jointly develop and integrate PICOSHIELD® into their products.

If you would like any more information about our range of PICOSHIELD® precision nanocoatings, please contact us.