PneumatiCoat Technologies (Forge Nano) and its collaborators at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands are pleased to announce a newly issued patent for ALD-enabled Lithium Ion Battery materials from the USPTO. PCT (Forge Nano) has executed an exclusive license to this technology, which fortifies its position as the leader for manufacturing ALD-enabled materials for energy storage applications. The newly issued patent, US 8,993,051, adds to PCT’s (Forge Nano) growing IP portfolio in strategic sectors that are desperately seeking higher performance at lower cost to the end user. PCT (Forge Nano) can now provide its customers and partners in the energy storage value chain with IP security, which augments its demonstration of enhanced battery lifetimes, increased safety, more robust abuse tolerance, and most importantly reduced cost to the OEM and customer due to a reduced reliance on overbuilding. This patent further serves to support US domestic manufacturing initiatives for low cost, high performance battery materials used in consumer electronics, military, vehicular and grid applications.