PneumatiCoat Technologies (Forge Nano) is proud to announce the successful conversion of its DOE Phase II SBIR project for its approach to high-rate nanomanufacturing that will enable the ALD process to be adopted at low cost to the entire value chain.  PCT (Forge Nano) will be scaling its high-rate manufacturing process to be capable of producing ALD coated Li-ion battery materials at rates exceeding 100 kg/day.  This represents a substantial expansion of the global Particle ALD manufacturing footprint and maintains PCT’s (Forge Nano) position as the market leader bringing this technology first developed in Finland in 1992 to a commercial reality.  PCT (Forge Nano) received commitments from its partners to provide PCT (Forge Nano) with over 500 kilograms of pristine cathode materials in support of its efforts. In addition to implementing a lean manufacturing vision for ALD coated materials, PCT’s (Forge Nano) R&D operations will be developing next generation coatings for advanced cathode materials for Li-ion and other types of batteries and capacitor systems. This award represents a win for the entire vehicular battery value chain.  A list of awarded projects is available here.