Our platform technology makes products better, from the atoms up.


Forge Nano Technology let’s you design products from the atoms up, improving performance with a precision unlike anything else.

By manufacturing with atoms, we can unlock your products potential, allowing you to manipulate matter in its most fundamental form.  

Forge Nano has proven that Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) improves performance of a vast range of metrics. We use ALD(Atomic Layer Deposition) to improve performance in BATTERIES: read more here and in CATALYSTS: read more here. Forge Nano’s Proprietary technology makes Particle Atomic Layer Deposition affordable and practical at full commercial scale. 


Forge Nano's patented process is designed with scaleability in mind. From lab-scale research tools, to custom built, commercial-scale solutions, Forge Nano systems are designed with scaleability in mind.


Forge Nano coatings boost performance. We coat anything. from powders and wafers to complex substrates. Forge Nano's platform technology give you the ability to control your products at the atomic level.


Forge Nano solutions are custom tailored for performance, and, reliability. Our technology enables coatings to be applied with unmatched precision, consistency, and efficiency.


Forge Nano’s Platform Technology unlocks your products potential, at the Atomic Level. By using Particle ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) we put the control in your hands. We help make your products better by redesigning their atoms. 

Our custom line of tools and equipment allow for seamless integration directly into production facilities not matter the scale. From R&D Research to full factory integration, Forge Nano is the world’s largest aggregate of combined ALD & PALD knowledge. Our team of Doctors, Scientists and Engineers handle everything from logistics, to production, to chemistry optimization. With tools and equipment specifically designed for POWDERS, OBJECTS, & WAFERS


Better products through better technology

Making the future come to life through collaboration. Our investors and partners are hard at working making the impossible, possible.  We work with the most innovative, forward thinking, companies and institutions to create the cutting edge technology of the future. 

High Performance, High Throughput, Low Cost.

We make Particle Atomic Layer Deposition, reliable, scalable, and, affordable.

Forge Nano is a global expert in Particle ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition). We put the days of slow, expensive nano coatings in the past. Forge Nano has the solution, no matter what your nano-coating needs are. Forge Nano enables fast, affordable, atomic level coatings and surface engineering. Our systems apply lean manufacturing principles to Atomic Layer Deposition. Forge Nano technology minimizes costs, while maximizing potential and profit.

Forge Nano enables high throughput manufacturing capabilities at affordable price points. We make advanced technologies that were previously out of reach, viable for commercial products. Our platform technology is enabling a new wave of advanced and optimized products to market.

Our nano-engineered surfaces enable materials of the future.

We are global leaders in surface engineering technology

Forge Nano improves products, through the use of nano-technology. We are specialists in particle ALD, turning laboratory innovations into affordable, market ready products.

Our proprietary high-throughput processes, makes nano-coating a practical solution. Forge Nano technology is used to improve a wide range of materials, such as, powders, wafers and objects. Our coatings are applied quickly, reliably, and, affordably.

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