High Performance, High Throughput, Low Cost.

With Forge Nano’s technology, the days of nano-material coatings being too slow and expensive are behind us. Whatever your precision nano-coating needs, Forge Nano has the solutions to enable fast, affordable atomic level coatings and surface engineering. Our powder-on-demand system applies the principles of lean manufacturing to produce nano-coated particles – minimizing costs and maximizing potential.

With high throughput manufacturing capabilities at inexpensive price points, many technologies that were “put on the shelf” can now be reconsidered as viable commercial products. With major investments in application R&D, Forge Nano’s systems are well-poised to help usher a new wave of customized products to market.

Nano-engineered surfaces enable the materials of the future.

A Global Leader in Surface Engineering Technology

Previously known as PneumatiCoat Technologies, Forge Nano is a global leader in surface engineering and precision nano-coatings. We specialize in making product improvements through the use of nano-technology. We turn laboratory innovations into affordable products with turnaround times never before seen.

With Forge Nano’s proprietary high-throughput manufacturing processes, precision nano-coatings are now a more accessible solution for applications from Lithium Ion batteries to a wide range of materials — powders, flats and objects — at price points unthinkable until now.


Forge Nano’s patented process is designed with scalability in mind. From lab scale research tools, to custom built, industrial scale solutions, Forge Nano has done it all.


Nano coatings that boost performance. From powders and wafers to complex substrates, Forge Nano’s ALD process coats your materials at an atomic level.


Every solution we craft is tailored for superior performance, and consistent results.

Our process and out technology enables affordable, scalable, nano coating solutions.


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