Broomfield, Colo. – November 28th, 2011

ALD NanoSolutions coating platform to be used to develop advanced energetic materials and applications

ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. (ALDN), the leader in digital coating solutions for composite materials, announced today that the Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division (NAWCWD) has purchased a Particle ALD™ Coating System to advance their materials development capabilities.

NAWCWD, China Lake, Synthesis and Formulations group selected ALDN based on a competitive, open solicitation for a coating system to investigate atomic deposited thin film layers onto fine powders.  The solicitation encompassed the need for an atomic layer deposition (ALD) reaction chamber system that allows fluidized bed processing in order to efficiently and conformally coat fine powders of various thin films.

ALDN has been executing Particle ALD™ coatings with commercial collaborators for over a decade, and is able to leverage this domain expertise to help NAWCWD meet their materials objectives.  Particle ALD™ coating benefits include modifying surface properties for improved wetting and interfacial adhesion, pin-hole free barrier films for improved air and moisture stability, and unique compositions of matter for specific nanocomposite material properties.

The Particle ALD™ fluid bed reactor system provides excellent functionality, process versatility, and was the only source that met the Navy’s requirements.  The system provides in-situ analysis for recipe development, via mass spectrometry and residual gas analysis.

Jeff Lints, Vice President of Business Development, said, “This relationship will yield new Particle ALD™ coated materials that will significantly improve products for use in the field.  Plus, the experience of the ALDN team will provide the Naval Air Warfare Center a long term partner in their application development.  We look forward to working closely in support of the Navy’s development efforts as well as future scaled manufacturing execution.”

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As the leader in digital coating solutions for composite materials, ALD NanoSolutions (ALDN) is dedicated to bringing next generation performance to materials used across a wide range of industries. ALDN’s mission is to accelerate the commercial success of its customers by delivering superior materials solutions based on its proprietary atomic layer deposition platform.

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