Nano Scale Innovation Gets Bigger in Denver CO 

Forge Nano Inc. creates state of the art innovation lab for surface engineering at the Atomic Scale  

Forge Nano Inc. nears completion of new surface engineering innovation lab in Denver, CO. 

The new 40,000 sq/ft facility near Google’s Thornton office will house a cutting-edge Atomic Layer Deposition Research and Development lab and will also serve as a production facility for Forge Nano’s line of industrial solutions. 

Forge Nano’s platform technology unlocks the ability to control and optimize surfaces at the atomic levelBy designing products from the atoms up, Forge Nano technology allows customers to create the technology and products of the future. Atomic Layer Deposition is being used to improve products and to develop new technologies across many industries 

Creating tomorrow’s technology requires a level of control that can only be achieved at the atomic level. By using Forge Nano tools, partners can control their products in ways they may not have realized. Using proprietary Atomic Layer Deposition technology, Forge Nano applies unimaginably precise coatings onto Powders, Objects, and Wafers optimizing them at the atomic level.   

We are excited to be consolidating our two facilities into one location. This move will streamline our operations and allows ample room to grow. We’ve seen an increase in customer engagements and we are ready to meet the demand. Forge Nano believes that we’ve tapped into a technology that can impact almost every market in the world. This facility is a big step towards making that a reality.”  

-Dr. Paul Lichty- CEO Forge Nano. 

Due to current COVID-19 related restrictions, Forge Nano plans to host tours of the new facility when it becomes safe and practical to do so. Updated information will be added to the Forge Nano website as it becomes available.  

More information about Forge Nano’s Atomic Layer Deposition Platform and Products are available at: 

About Forge Nano 

Based in Denver, CO., Forge Nano is a global leader in surface engineering and precision nano-coating technology, using Atomic Layer Deposition. Forge Nano’s proprietary technology and manufacturing processes make angstrom-thick coatings fast, affordable and commercially viable for a wide range of materials, applications and industries. Forge Nano’s suite of ALD and PALD products and services covers the full spectrum from lab-scale tools to commercial-scale manufacturing systems. 


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