Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are rechargeable batteries, in which the lithium ions travel between electrodes (i.e. a cathode and an anode) in each charge-discharge cycle.

These electrodes are important components in the Li-ion battery, but they eventually lose effectiveness due to Lithium ions becoming trapped or otherwise unusable, which is exacerbated by high temperatures and abusive charging conditions.  Active material instability and undesired electrolyte interactions are also problems that plague these types of batteries.

ALD Coatings from Forge Nano

ALD coatings from Forge Nano can be used to coat the cathode and anode particles to reduce the risk of these degradation mechanisms, enhancing safety and durability. Our coatings improve the battery life and provide greater safety to Li-ion batteries, especially in extreme conditions including fast charging rates, overvoltage, and high temperature operation.

Our experience in research and development of precision nano coatings allows us to provide our clients with various battery materials and coatings, removing the need for their own development, which translates to reduced discovery costs and shorter demonstration timescales.

The research performed on our ALD nano coatings applied to Li-ion battery particles has shown dramatic benefits to the end user of these batteries. Our ALD coatings on the anode and cathode particles can increase the battery lifetime by up to 300%. Large format pouch cells (40 Ah) that pass nail penetration testing can also benefit from 20% higher battery capacity with our precision nano coatings.

Cathode materials coated in our ALD nano coatings typically experience at least 60% reduced gas generation with our low-cost, high-voltage cathode power that has outstanding performance. Our proprietary solid electrolyte coatings increase the rate capability of conventional materials for improved fast charge acceptance, supporting the Department of Energy’s targets for full electric vehicle charging within 15 minutes.

Our coatings are proven to be more effective than other ALD-coated finished electrodes, liquid phase coated particles and electrolyte additives, as we supply the most robust coating solution on the market with the lowest adoption costs at full commercial scale.

NREL Case Study

Forge Nano has recently signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to commercialize NREL’s patented battery systems and materials that can perform safely in high-stress environments.

The NREL Li-ion batteries contain a hybrid solid-liquid electrolyte system, where the electrodes are coated with a layer of an ionically-conductive material. This layer reduces the potential for a short-circuit to form between electrodes, which can cause increased battery cell temperature, leading to ‘thermal runaway’.

This layer also enables thinner separators for higher power devices, which can potentially reduce both the weight and cost of the battery while improving lifetime and safety.

The agreement between Forge Nano and NREL will allow us to provide even more customized lithium-ion batteries for high-performance devices using our ALD system.


If you have any questions about any of our ALD coatings for Li-ion batteries, please contact us.