Driving Battery Safety with Nano Engineering. 

Forge Nano uses Atomic Layer Deposition to optimize automotive batteries at the atomic level 


Automotive batteries can now be optimized at the atomic level, improving battery performance, longevity, and safety. 


Emerging research shows precision coatings, applied at the atomic scale improve battery lifetime, longevitycharge time, and heat management 


Using Forge Nano’s platform technology, battery materials can be optimized from the atoms up, making longer lasting, faster charging, and safer batteries for nearly any application. Forge Nano’s proprietary platform technology usesAtomic Layer Deposition to coat the battery anode and/or cathode material with atom thick protective layers. By controlling the chemical composition of these materials at the atomic level these optimizations can improve battery’s performance and capacity by up to 40%. Forge Nano solutions make these coatings cost effective and scalable to any size or capacity.  


Improvements backed by real world data.  


Through collaborations with major automotive OEMS, Forge Nano technology has been validated and proven to improve battery performance in number of ways. Atomic Layer Deposition controls materials atom by atom, making improvements with the highest possible precision.  

The scientists at Forge Nano have published aarticle featuring their most recent results with a major automotive OEM partner, validating real world data over various applications. The article can be found at: https://www.forgenano.com/ald-for-automotive-batteries/ 


Designing and manufacturing the safest and most innovative automotive batteries requires precision and control at the atomic scale. Our technology provides the solutions needed to optimize battery materials from the atoms up. By using our platform technology, major automotive OEMs are making tremendous strides in creating better, safer, and more reliable batteries. These improvements are realizable not only for vehicles but consumer electronics, medical devices, and even spaceships. We are excited to play a role in bringing these advanced technologies to life, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

Dr. Paul Lichty – CEO Forge Nano