We asked several companies “What are the critical changes in the battery industry landscape that will have a strategic impact on your success?” This week, we’re highlighting Forge Nano.

Bill Flecky
Vice President of Business Development and Sales

The battery industry is moving toward higher performance systems (increased energy density, higher voltage operation and more abuse tolerant and safer batteries), while following a reducing price target over time (< $100/kWh).

Surface-modified battery materials have been identified as an integral feature of emerging battery systems, which can improve safety and operating performance, and reduce costs of batteries due to a reduction in overbuilding. The majority of Forge Nano’s IP portfolio pertains to the precise application of surface coatings that will specifically enable these next generation battery materials. Forge Nano has strategically positioned itself and its technology (currently demonstrated at daily production rate of 2,500 kilograms) at the nexus of high performance materials and rapid, lowcost manufacturing. Forge Nano has implemented a comprehensive manufacturing strategy to capitalize on these emerging trends in the battery industry landscape before they become commoditized products.

About Forge Nano
Forge Nano produces and operates high-throughput manufacturing systems to encapsulate powders at low cost using the Atomic Layer Deposition platform.

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