Industry has been in pursuit of ever more efficient catalysts for decades, and there’s no end in sight. Today, Forge Nano’s Surface Engineered Catalysts are pushing applications to new levels of performance at a commercial scale.

High Efficiency, Low Cost” Forge Nano provides its catalysis partners with the competitive advantage found at the intersection of high efficiency and low cost, reducing catalyst consumption, increasing product yields, and reducing energy consumption.

Our proprietary manufacturing systems are suitable to scale the production of any ALD catalyst application to meaningful prototyping, light commercial or commercial levels.

The Science of Transformation”

Our work with catalysts design includes:

  • Physical Modification of Catalysts Supports
  • Chemical Modification of Catalysts Supports (Acid/base surface site control)
  • High dispersion nanoclusters
  • Tailored selectivity based on process conditions
  • Highly stable catalysts materials (by any process) using over-coating
  • Bimetallic or core-shell catalysts (e.g. Pt on Pd) using sequential processing
  • Thermally-stable catalysts via over-coatings through a physical pinning mechanism
  • Monodisperse heterogeneous catalysts for a limitless array of chemical transformations