Introducing: the Prometheus Series, a world-leading tool for research and development in the field of atomic layer deposition (ALD).

ALD is among the most precise surface engineering technologies available today, providing uniform coating of particles and products at subnano film thicknesses down to 0.1 nanometres – the thickness of an atom. This methodology can be used to apply high fidelity coatings to almost any substrate and can improve the performance and life of materials for catalysts, energy storage, 3D printing, fillers, and an array other industrial powders.  It has become an active area of research in the surface modification of high-performance batteries with demonstrated gains in energy density, safety, performance, and cost.

ALD is a platform technology with potentially limitless applications including barrier coatings, displays, pigments, adsorbents, metallurgical, pharma, cosmetics, and a many other cutting-edge powders We are just now only at the cusp of what is achievable in new intellectual property through R&D in surface engineered products through particle ALD.

The Prometheus Series represents a significant step forward for R&D into the application of subnano to nanoscale coatings on powder volumes from milligram to kilogram samples. This blog post will explore the capacities of the Prometheus ALD tool series in further detail.

Outlining the Prometheus Series ALD Tool

The Prometheus Series was designed to help researchers accelerate their understanding of the coating design space between existing and novel precursors and various substrate materials. The system features multiple precursor capacity, up to eight total, including basic delivery and low vapor pressure delivery draw systems to handle gas, liquid, and solid precursor recipes with consummate ease.  Independently-heated zones ensure optimal operating conditions for precursors and sensitive substrates.

This novel ALD R&D tool comes complete with multiple fluidization aids to ensure particles are adequately fluidized for uniform coatings. The vibrating fluidized bed reactor and high shear jet assist the negation of powder aggregation and improve mixing in the reactor.

Static and controlled dosing is supported with high degrees of automation and automated process monitoring. The system is equipped with emergency stop logic to enable the ALD system to run continuously, safely, and autonomously. The HMI has an intuitive interface and is easy to use by trained operator.

The Prometheus Series is the world’s most flexible ALD R&D tool, and it was engineered with the researcher in mind. It provides the most advanced hardware and software for control and in situ analysis of ALD coating in real-time.

ALD Solutions with Forge Nano

Forge Nano’s Prometheus Series has several available models and a suite of options to provide the right fit on technical capabilities while balancing the researcher’s budget. Corporate researchers, Government laboratories, and academic partners all stand to benefit from this novel, flexible ALD research tool, which was engineered to cover a wide range of research areas.  Customers of Prometheus will have control over the speed, cost, and ownership of their IP efforts. Forge Nano also provides extensive scale up resources to translate your lab-scale innovations to high volume commercial markets.

If you would like any more information about our ALD solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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