DENVER, COLORADO — (Marketwired – April 21, 2015) – ALD NanoSolutions and Meaglow are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership for the development and marketing of hollow cathode plasma sources uniquely suited for atomic layer deposition onto particles. An ALD NanoSolutions particle reactor combined with a Meaglow plasma source allows newly developed plasma ALD chemistries to be performed onto particles in appreciable quantities. This expanded capability enables development of new materials and their eventual commercialization. “When you’re coating hundreds of grams of powder, ALD product gases significantly change the gas composition, requiring a robust remote plasma source,” says Joe Spencer, Director of Operations at ALD NanoSolutions. “The Meaglow hollow cathode plasma source strikes easily in a very wide pressure range that gives us a lot of versatility.”

“When I think of hi-tech materials, I think of ALD NanoSolutions, who I know to be doing some incredibly innovative things with powders. Apart from being very robust, I think the Meaglow hollow cathode plasma source will bring the advantages of less plasma damage, higher growth per cycle, and minimized oxygen contamination for nitrides. We’re incredibly pleased to see our plasma source being mated to ALD NanoSolutions’ reactor systems,” says Scott Butcher, Chief Scientist of Meaglow Ltd.

About Meaglow Ltd.

Meaglow Ltd. produces a new range of epitaxy equipment, including custom built hollow cathode plasma sources for ALD equipment and other applications. These next generation plasma sources have been shown to provide lower oxygen and higher growth rates in many situations. Further information is available at

About ALD NanoSolutions

At ALD NanoSolutions, we bring the future of nanotechnology to the present. From new forms of lighting to advanced lithium-ion batteries, we are working with Fortune 100 companies to vastly improve their current products in an economically and environmentally sustainable way. We currently offer a large portfolio of technical expertise including tolling runs, licensing and equipment. Our mission is to accelerate the commercial success of a wide range of industries by delivering our superior material solutions based on our proprietary nanocoating platform. Further information about ALD NanoSolutions is available at