Denver, CO – ALD NanoSolutions is proud to announce that our article in JVST-A was one of the most read ALD articles from 2014. The article, Atmospheric pressure spatial atomic layer deposition web coating with in situ monitoring of film thickness, featuring our senior scientist, Dr. Markus Groner, with graduate student Alex Yersak and Professor Y.C. Lee from the University of Colorado – Boulder, discusses the in situ analysis of ALD growth on the first atmospheric pressure spatial ALD web coating reactor. It demonstrates ALD NanoSolutions’ commitment to innovation in roll to roll ALD and process control. Using reflectometry, ALD NanoSolutions and CU-Boulder were able to monitor thin film growth of an alumina ALD film on a polymer web moving at 1-2 m/s, achieving ALD cycle times of less than 0.1 s.

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