August 10, 2010

ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. (ALDN) announced the receipt of Canadian Patent 2,452,531, “Insulating and Functionalizing Fine Metal Particles with Conformal Ultrathin Films,” a broad composition of matter patent for practicing Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), or Particle ALD™.  The company’s proprietary technology is based on non-agglomerated fine and ultrafine particles having inorganic ultrathin films deposited by ALD.

The intellectual property was developed by Dr. Steven George and Dr. Alan Weimer, of University of Colorado – Boulder, for depositing pinhole-free ultra-thin films on to particulate surfaces. The non-agglomerated nanocoated particles are the result of self- limiting sequential surface chemical reactions that control the coating process.

This technology will prove to be very important in several industries including the development of resettable fuses, varistors, and sintered powder metallurgy.  ALD coatings on fine metal particles allow substrates to retain metallic properties in oxidizing environments.  This patent allows ALDN to maintain a proprietary position in all coatings on fine primary particles independent of how the coated particles are produced.   This patent will be awarded to the University of Colorado at Boulder and is part of the technology exclusively licensed to ALD NanoSolutions.  The corresponding U.S. Patent 6,713,177 was issued in March, 2004.  The surface chemistry process has been validated, is economically scalable and suitable for commercial operation.

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As the leader in digital coating solutions for composite materials, ALD NanoSolutions is dedicated to bringing next generation performance to materials used across a wide range of industries. ALDN’s mission is to accelerate the commercial success of its customers by delivering superior materials solutions based on its proprietary atomic layer deposition platform. The ALDN web site is

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