January 5, 2010

ALD NanoSolutions is pleased to announce that the Japanese and Canadian patent offices have issued allowance on a critical patent application which covers performing atomic layer deposition (ALD) onto polymer surfaces and particles.

This technology will prove to be very important in several industries including the development of highly flexible barrier films for OLEDs.  Claims include the ability to perform ALD onto polymers including particles, parts, sheets and rolls.  Allowed claims also cover the ability of putting multi-layers of coating onto polymers.  This patent will be awarded to the University of Colorado at Boulder and is part of the technology exclusively licensed to ALD NanoSolutions.

About ALD NanoSolutions

As the leader in digital coating solutions for composite materials, ALD NanoSolutions (ALDN) is dedicated to bringing next generation performance to materials used across a wide range of industries. ALDN’s mission is to accelerate the commercial success of its customers by delivering superior materials solutions based on its proprietary atomic layer deposition platform. The ALDN web site is www.aldnanosolutions.com.

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