DENVER, COLORADO — (June 25, 2014) – ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. has announced the award of a $150,000 Phase I Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grant from the Department of Energy for “Enhanced Capacitive Deionization using Carbon Electrodes Conformally Coated with Metal Oxides by Atomic Layer Deposition”. The award, effective June 9, 2014 – March 8, 2015, will be used to develop a cost and energy effective method for water desalination. The research, done in partnership with the University of Colorado at Boulder, represents another promising application of ALD coatings for improving energy efficiency.

The increasing global need for clean water has spurred the development of multiple desalination techniques, which have traditionally been cost and energy intensive. Capacitive deionization (CDI) is an emerging technique that can significantly reduce the cost of ownership compared with reverse osmosis. This project will further improve the effectiveness of CDI by significantly improving the capacitance of the carbon electrodes through thin films deposited by ALD.

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