DENVER, CO (Nov. 24, 2015) – Extending its proprietary Particle ALDTM and Polymer ALD™ technology platform, ALD NanoSolutions (ALDN) has exclusively licensed technology from the University of Colorado to develop novel  battery  electrode coatings.  The newly issued US Patent Number 9,196,901 “Lithium Battery Electrodes with Ultra-Thin Alumina Coatings” covers a process to create proprietary films which provide critical physical and chemical properties for extending the lifetime of lithium ion batteries.

Using atomic layer deposition, the innovation allows for alumina coatings to penetrate into the electrode and conformally coat the active electrode particles. This precision surface coating builds physical strength as well as providing chemical protection in the lithium battery electrodes to mitigate degradation.  Both these enhancements increase the lifetime of conventional batteries, as well as enable cell manufacturers to extend the operating temperature and voltage range of future batteries. From a manufacturing scaling perspective, this patent also proposes a “drop in” ALD reactor solution to the current electrode manufacturing process.

About ALD NanoSolutions:

At ALDN, we bring the future of nanotechnology to the present. From new forms of lighting to advanced lithium-ion batteries, we are collaborating with the world’s leading companies to improve their current and future products in an economically and environmentally sustainable way. Based on over a decade of commercial experience, ALDN offers an extensive portfolio of technical services related to contract research and development, toll manufacturing, IP licensing, and construction of proprietary ALD systems. Our mission is to accelerate the commercial success of a wide range of industries by delivering superior material solutions based on our proprietary nanocoating platform. Further information about ALDN is available at