DENVER, COLORADO — (Jan. 28, 2014) – ALD NanoSolutions (ALDN), a nanomaterials development company using the platform Particle ALD™ technology to develop novel nanocoated particles, has received notice of a newly issued atomic layer deposition (ALD) patent from the US PTO. The broad-based patent, developed in collaboration with University of Colorado (Boulder), expands the ALDN proprietary IP portfolio to include protective coatings placed directly on water and oxygen-sensitive phosphor particles used in LED lighting.

The newly issued patent is US patent number 8,637,156 “Methods for Producing Coated Phosphors and Host Material Particles Using Atomic Layer Deposition Methods”.   This patent covers both the process and the materials produced by using Particle ALD™ methods to protect phosphor materials.  It builds upon the platform patents issued in the US and globally to nanocoat fine powders covered by US Patents 6,613,383, 6,713,177, 6,913,827 and their foreign counterparts.  Together this suite of intellectual assets delivers a compelling advantage to phosphor powder producers as well as advanced highly efficient lighting manufacturers.

About ALD NanoSolutions

As the leader in digital coating solutions for composite materials, ALD NanoSolutions (ALDN) is dedicated to bringing next generation performance to materials used across a wide range of industries. ALDN’s mission is to accelerate the commercial success of its customers by delivering superior materials solutions based on its proprietary atomic layer deposition platform. Further information is available at