DENVER, COLORADO — (May 29, 2012) –

ALD NanoSolutions (ALDN), a nanomaterials development company using the platform Particle ALD™ technology to develop novel materials, has licensed technology from the University of Colorado. The patents expand the application specific uses of the Particle ALD™ platform to include the production and use of catalysts to produce hydrogen or syngas from water and/or carbon dioxide. The methodologies also include the use of concentrated solar energy for the heat required for the process.

The newly issued patent is U. S. Patent 8,189,731 “Metal Ferrite Spinel Energy Storage Devices and Methods for Making and Using Same”. The innovations include the production of the nanostructured hercynite catalyst and the use of it to split water at temperatures as low as 1200 °C. These materials can be coupled with high temperature solar thermal processing techniques to produce critical energy production and chemical production feedstocks in a highly energy efficient and material efficient manner.

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