DENVER, COLORADO — (Sept. 9, 2014) – ALD NanoSolutions (ALDN), a nanomaterials development company using the platform Polymer ALD™ technology to develop novel barrier films has exclusively licensed technology from the University of Colorado.  The newly issued European patent expands the proprietary technology to create ultra-thin flexible ultrabarriers and other important surface functionalization on polymers.

The newly issued patent is European Patent 1425110 “A Method of Depositing an Inorganic Film on an Organic Polymer”.  The innovation will enable a number of compelling applications including unique formulations for optically clear, flexible, water and oxygen ultrabarrier films and other protective films onto polymers.  The films can be developed for a wide variety of polymers to meet the needs of significant commercial applications.

About ALD NanoSolutions

As the leader in digital coating solutions for composite materials, ALD NanoSolutions (ALDN) is dedicated to bringing next generation performance to materials used across a wide range of industries. ALDN’s mission is to accelerate the commercial success of its customers by delivering superior materials solutions based on its proprietary atomic layer deposition platform. The ALDN web site is