ALD Manufacturing Patents for Powders
US 9,284,643 Semi-Continuous ALD Apparatus for Powders
US 9,546,424 Semi-Continuous ALD Process for Powders
US 9,598,769 Continuous ALD Process for Powders and Moving Beds
US 9,705,125 ALD Process for any Powder that Operates Between 0.5 to 2.0 bar
ALD-Enabled Battery Patents
US 9,570,734 ALD-Enabled Battery Materials Claim 1: An electrode comprising a plurality of particles having a diameter of maximally 60 μm, wherein the particles are coated with a protective layer having a uniform thickness of about 2 nm or less, wherein the protective layer of the particles is obtained by atomic layer deposition, and wherein the particles are lithium containing particles.
US 8,993,051 ALD Process for Coating of Battery Powders
US 8,894,723 WO2009084966 EP 2225407 JP 5442635 ALD Process for Applying Lithium-Containing Coatings
US 8,735,003 Batteries that Comprise Cathodes and Anodes Encapsulated by Solid Electrolyte Coatings (any process, any thickness)
US 9,570,748 Cathode Powders with LiPON Coatings (Any Deposition Method)
General ALD Patents and Trademarks
US 8,124,179 WO2006071126 EP 1838893 KR 101322095 Methods for Molecular Layer Deposition (Seminal MLD patent)
US SN: 86118097 Registered Trademark: Picoshield®