We are global leaders in surface engineering and precision nano-coating technology using Atomic Layer Deposition. Forge Nano’s proprietary technology and manufacturing processes make angstrom-thick coatings fast, affordable and commercially viable for a wide range of materials, applications and industries. Forge Nano’s suite of ALD and PALD products and services covers the full spectrum from lab-scale tools to commercial-scale manufacturing systems. 


Our mission is to become the world leader of innovative materials solutions by creating safer and more efficient products.

Our vision is to enable materials solutions that will change the world. From a bootstrapped garage lab to our first large investment, our vision has never wavered. Our founders and senior scientists believe precision nano-coatings have the power to make many other technologies safer, cheaper and more efficient.

Many technologies perform great at laboratory scale. However, scaling those innovations is difficult. Often times, the result is technologies sitting on the shelf until manufacturing solutions can be developed. We have developed manufacturing solutions that, above all, make them scaleable and affordable.

We are Forge Nano.

We are a team of dedicated, hungry and passionate go getters! 

Our talent pool combines, the best scientists, engineers, and leaders around. 

We’re a dedicated team driven to create customer value through innovation. We value ingenuity and hard work in ourselves. Integrity is paramount.

We take pride in helping our clients use our technology to grow and improve their businesses. Because of this we have taken precision nano-coating from a technology that many believed could change the world, to a technology that actually IS changing the world. Yes, we care about what we do. Yes, we think it’s important, and YES, we’re really good at it! 

Forge Nano is a privately held business that is making its game changing technology available to companies around the world. Previously, it was thought that nano-coatings weren’t time or cost effective. We are proving every day that this technology not only works, but works in the real world and works to make other technologies better.

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