Drop-In Solutions at any Scale

Forge Nano is uniquely positioned to offer scaleable ALD solutions for a wide range of applications. From Lab-scale to Commercial-scale, Forge Nano’s Platform technology and patented Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) processes enable atomic level coatings that are economical, consistent, and affordable at any scale.

Forge Nano's Prometheus tool, a lab and pilot scale atomic layer deposition (ALD) nano-coating machine for particles and industrial powders.

Forge Nano technology provides consistent, atomic level coatings through our series of innovative ALD tools and our industry-leading Toll Coating services.

Forge Nano's Morpheus tool, a commercial-scale atomic layer deposition (ALD) nano-coating machine for particles and industrial powders


Precision nano-coatings enable the products you manufacture to work just the way you intend them to, without degrading over time as they are exposed to real-world conditions.

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) techniques represent the pinnacle of nano-coating control and functionality. ALD is the only deposition technique that offers chemically bonded coatings with angstrom level precision. Coatings are literally built atomic layer by atomic layer using gas phase reaction steps. The resulting coatings have uniform thicknesses with virtually no pinholes, even on porous substrates.

The result is enhanced functionality, durability and longevity for almost any product. With Forge Nano’s high throughput process, these innovations can be produced economically for affordable super materials.




High performance hermetic encapsulation


Sustained performance in harsh environments


100% conformal and pinhole free



Up to 50% increase in cycle life


Improved performance against thermal runaway

Drop in ready

Works with existing manufacturing processes



Stabilize highly reactive metals


Triple the flowability of an amorphous material


Minimum material, maximum perfomance



Eliminate the need for refrigeration

Time Release

Combined doses in a single treatment


Tune water contact angle of a surface



Sinter resistant, coke resistant


Increase desired product yield


Decrease unit size per production rate

Forge Nano Approach

Our production approach works particularly well for:

  • Handling and coating air-sensitive materials found in Li-ion batteries
  • Nanoscale metal powders for electrodes used in electronic devices
  • Hygroscopic halide-based materials, and many others


With direct glovebox interconnectivity, Forge Nano is able to easily convey and coat these materials in-line and in an all inert environment.

White Papers & App Notes

Li-ion Batteries, and Beyond

It’s well documented that nanometer-thick ceramic coatings on cathode powders protect Li-ion batteries against electrode-electrolyte degradation. This protective barrier lengthens battery life and protects batteries against high temperatures and fast cycle rates, resulting in safer and more versatile Li-ion materials.

Precision nano-coatings on Li-ion battery materials enable the safe and profitable use of several new high-capacity/high-voltage chemistries that were not viable previously.

Precision Nano-Coating Applications

Forge Nano develops custom coating chemistries to meet the precise needs of customer applications. Our systems monitor process conditions and tune reaction variables in-situ to provide efficient precursor utilization. Our coating highlights include:

  • High temperature processing
  • Coating capabilities including oxides, nitrides, base metals, phosphates and fluorides
  • Minimum particle batches as small as 1g
  • High throughput processing for runs of 1000 kg and greater

As material demands become more and more extreme, nano-engineering is required to achieve precise characteristics. Surface coatings produce enhanced properties for next-generation materials.

Atomic Precision Without Limits

Forge Nano can encapsulate anything from a single particle of flour to a pipeline. Coatings can be applied to practically anything that needs to be protected—physically, chemically, thermally, etc. Our coatings can be stable in virtually all environments.

Think about a pile of powder the size of a cell phone. That powder may have a surface area that is 500,000 times greater than the cell phone’s surface area. Forge Nano can coat the powder and we can coat the cell phone. Particles with pores as small as 1nm can be perfectly coated with an atomic scale shield that is pinhole free.

The end result of our nano-engineering is affordable super materials that give you a leg up on the competition.