R&D Scale Wafer Coating

200mm Research Equipment
Forge Nano’s Theia system is capable of ALD processing on single wafers from 75mm to 200mm sizes. Unique or irregular substrates are easily enabled with customization available upon request.


Forge Nano’s proprietary valving and pressure control enable short ALD steps at cycles less than 3 milliseconds.  The dynamic valve manifold enables an unrivaled rapid research and prototyping system.  Efficient valve and pressure operation also reduce precursor waste upwards of 40x.



  • 6 Metal Organic Precursor Sources
  • Hazardous Precursor Containment with Smoke Detection
  • Heated In-Situ Abatement System
  • Precursor Manifold Heating up to 200 °C
  • Precursor Source Chilling down 15 °C below Ambient
  • Substrate Heating up to 500 °C
  • Height Adjustable Substrate Holder
  • Automated Lift Pins and Single Wafer Handling
  • Foreline Pump or Customer Provided
  • Individual Pressure Control of all Manifold Inlets
  • Chamber Heating up to 200 °C
  • E95 Compliant HMI with data and alarm logging
  • 3 Millisecond Fast Valve Actuation
  • Standard Turnkey Processes for Al2O3, TiO2, ZnO, and more!
  • External Outputs and Inputs for Facility Alarming
  • Base Vacuum 10^-4 Torr


  • Heated Precursor Sources (up to 4)
  • In-Situ QCM Monitoring of Film Growth
  • On-Demand Ozone Generation and Integrated Destruct
  • Remote RF Plasma with 2 Forming Gas Inputs
  • Toxic Gas Enclosure and Manifold Line (For H2S or Similar)
  • External Hazardous Gas Sensors
  • 100mm Substrate Chamber Height
  • Automated Load-Lock
  • Specialty Substrate Carriers (Designed Upon Request)
  • Glovebox Integration (via Load-Lock)

Ultra Fast Deposition With Forge Nano’s Patented SMFD-ALD™

Example Chemistries:

Al2O3, SiO2, AZO, TiO2, GaN, TiN, Bi2O3, Pt, Co, Cu, Ta2O5, Hf2O3, MLD

Example Applications:

Copper Barrier, ALD-Cap, Optical, Adhesion/Seeding, TCOs

Forge Nano's Apollo ALD tool coating a semiconductor wafer

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