Catalyst Performance and Longevity

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Catalysts play a profoundly vital role in major industrial sectors of the world’s economy, such as petroleum (oil and gas), chemicals production (e.g., polymers/plastics), and even the food industry. Data suggest we can design a catalyst that is extremely stable, robust and more selective to reduce the energy consumption of chemical manufacturing. To do that we need to understand the relationship of the ALD overcoating to selectivity and stability through kinetics and thermodynamics measurements and calculations with real world process variability considerations.

One impressive benefit of the ALD overcoating is the selectivity enhancement. Better selectivity means cheaper, more efficient production of consumer goods. It also means less environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Forge Nano will reduce the energy footprint of a wide array of commodity and specialty chemical manufacturing processes using atomic layer deposition.

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    Catalyst Performance and Longevity