Commercial-Scale Atomic Layer Deposition

Atomic Layer Deposition at commercial-scale. Forge Nano makes high volume ALD coatings scaleable and affordable. 
Our Morpheus solutions are factory ready. 


MORPHEUS is a commercial scale, modular and configurable atomic layer deposition solution for powders and particles. 

Sub-Nanoscale at Kiloton volume

Morpheus forged dreams. Forge Nano’s Morpheus was born from the dream to change ALD. Our team changed the way ALD is approached. The technology we developed lead to a shift in scale and cost. Morpheus is a commercial-scale atomic layer deposition solution. Forge Nano developed a high throughput system, making ALD available at a scale never possible before.


MORPHEUS Semi-Continuous Reactor Systems are designed for commercial Atomic Layer Deposition at scale. Configurable and customizable to nearly any application or footprint. Only Forge Nano can make PALD this simple and this scalable. 


Morpheus bridges the gap from small-scale to commercial-scale. Our processes create precise, atomic level coatings on particles. Commercial-scale volumes at affordable costs. Forge Nano ALD systems allow sub-nanoscale coatings at kiloton volume. Forge Nano makes Commercial-scale Atomic Layer deposition a reality. Morpheus can be customized based on output. We designed Morpheus to be modular. With multiple options, Morpheus components cam be stacked or reorganized according to space.

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Truly scaleable solutions

Forge Nano creates systems with scale in mind. We make tools for Lab-scale, Pilot Scale, and commercial-Scale production. Our team works with customers to create the perfect solution. Forge Nano’s high throughput technology makes ALD available at a scale never before possible. Our systems are modular and customizable. 

Sacalable ALD Solutions

Our process speeds the development process. Learn how Forge Nano technology can improve your products.

AZO Network article

Forge Nano makes scaleable ALD a reality. Our tools withstand the most demanding needs. Our patented, process coats kilograms to kilotons of material. Forge Nano designed an ALD process that is not only scaleable, but affordable.

Forge Nano received an investment from Volkswagen.

Our company also received and investment from LG, Mitsui Kinzoku, and SBI Investments 

thin film Atomic Layer Deposition samples

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