High Throughput Continuous Particle Coating

Commercial Scale Continuous Vibrating Reactor
Forge Nano’s Continuous Vibrating Reactor System combines our expertise in material handling with a deep understanding of ALD, delivering a robust and reliable industrial machine. The CIRCE system is designed to coat each particle with unrivaled thickness and conformity control, without aggregating particles. CIRCE is designed for our customer’s product specifications to optimize reliability and performance. The Continuous Vibrating System lets you maximize production capacity with a compact footprint.


Manufacturing ALD coated particles requires the combination of robust industry-standard material handling with cutting edge ALD processes. Forge Nano has spent the last decade designing and building a suite of the world’s most advanced and reliable particle ALD reactor systems. We use these high-quality systems everyday, to process development lots for global customers and now offer this same capability to commercial customers. CIRCE offers an unmatched production capacity for its size, and a design engineered for reliability and uptime.



  • Turn-Key Mass Production
  • Virtually No Moving Parts
  • True Fully-Continuous Production
  • 99%+ Product Yield
  • Scale, From 100 To 4000 Kg/Hr
  • Atmospheric Pressure Operation


  • Temperature Window: 50 – 200 °C
  • Liquid Chemical Inlets: 2
  • Footprint: 20’ L x 12’ W x 16’ H
  • Capacity: 100kg per hour
  • Substrate Handling: Continuous





Battery Materials

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