Taking LCO to the Next Level:

Atomic Layer Deposition for Enhanced Performance of Consumer Electronics Materials 

Session Notes:


Barbara Hughes, Ph.D.

Director of Energy Storage at Forge Nano 



ALD is a platform technology that has been widely demonstrated throughout the literature to impart significant processing and performance gains on lithium ion battery technologies, having notable impacts on surface stabilization of the positive electrode. At Forge Nano, we have elevated this predominantly research scale technique to production heights, making ALD a viable and affordable technology to meet a variety of materials enhancement needs. Our surface modification process allows for sub-nanometer thickness coatings to be tuned for optimal battery performance for battery chemistries relevant in both consumer electronics as well as vehicle technologies. In this work we will demonstrate the significant gains observed to commercially available LCO by way of increased cycle life, increased energy density and beyond state-of-the art fast charge capabilities. Alongside performance enhancements, we will explore the mechanisms of ALD protection at high voltage.