Coating of powders for energy applications

Coating of composites for improved Li-S batteries 

Session Notes:


Mato Knez

CIC NanoGune




The application of Al2O3 to cathode materials of lithium-sulfur batteries may solve some of the critical issues of this family of batteries, which hinders their commercial use. In this work, the cathode of lithium-sulfur batteries is coated by ALD and an improved capacity of the system will be shown. We report on the optimal parameters for ALD application to sulfur-based electrodes and the physicochemical characterization of the cathodes. Large numbers of ALD cycles, especially at elevated process temperatures, result in considerable sulfur loss, which significantly lowers the cell performance. However, few-cycle ALD processes at optimized process temperatures aid a better cell performance. In the best case, the capacity of the battery system was incresed by 13% for low current densities and by 50% for high current densities with respect to the standard Li-S cathode.