ALD application for lithium ion batteries

Li4Ti5O12 coated with ultrathin Al-doped ZnO films as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries

Session Notes:


Ye Jin

Missouri University of Science and Technology




Aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO) films were coated on the surface of Li4Ti5O12 (LTO) particles via atomic layer deposition (ALD) in a fluidized bed reactor. The electrochemical characterization results indicated that the coating of AZO significantly improved the electrochemical performance of LTO between 0.1 V and 3.0 V. The AZO coating layer with an appropriate thickness not only increased the capacity of LTO by enhancing conductivity but also assisted the LTO electrodes to form a beneficial interface layer to protect the LTO from the continuous attack by harmful components in the electrolyte, especially under extreme conditions, such as high temperature and high current rates.

0:00:02   Hello, everyone. This is Ye Jin on my PhD student off Dr Lee Ahn's research group from Department
0:00:09   Off Chemical and the biochem kinda enduring Miss Aureus and Feet. This project was host on the
0:00:16   seventh attendant and of the material particles which were coated with aluminum doctor Think oxide
0:00:22   films by using LD Massa
0:00:26   for the first point, I'd like to introduce the problems off this Anil material to let you know that
0:00:33   why we choose this material as the object off this research. At first, we need to understand the
0:00:39   mechanics in Off lazy my entrees part off the loyalty within a typical potential range. Off one vote
0:00:45   23 World. There are two faced volcanism for these, um, ion transport, which means the external Lisa,
0:00:53   my own, and the areas at the A says with the insert into the 16 c sat at the same time, and the
0:01:01   serial tickle capacity is 175 hamper our progress. Therefore, the advantage and the disadvantage off
0:01:10   out here in typical potential range are very small volume change and the lows theoretical capacity,
0:01:16   respectively. Researchers on that ate a cess can be accommodated with more Lisa Niles if we
0:01:25   extending the ad potential toe below one vote, no other wars, we can have a higher capacity off out
0:01:32   your But this approach could lead to other problems. We tested the circling performance off uncoated
0:01:40   out your within one vote for three vote at both room temperature and the high temperature of 55
0:01:46   degrees C, which has his excellent stability off out. Yeo Over 200 on the 15 cycles off charge and
0:01:54   discharge. Tim, we extended the ad potential 2.1 vote. We can see the initial capacities off lto
0:02:02   were improved at both room temperature and the high temperature, but the stability got worse.
0:02:08   Apparently, this phenomenal can be attributed to the more intensive. The conversation off the bill.
0:02:15   Actual light who formed solid electrolyte interface, which we call it as the I and the worst
0:02:21   structure stability over out. You within the potential range off point of one vote. So three world
0:02:29   then I black to introduce aluminum talk to think oxide is you a coating material in this research
0:02:36   iso is I interesting? Transparent conduct human oxide material. It is what they used as a chess
0:02:44   parents electoral in since film solar cells flat panel this place and optoelectronic devices because
0:02:52   it has a lot off. The wattage is shut, such as long toxic, low cost, rich raw materials, and they'll
0:03:01   film also has a much higher electronic conductivity than pure zinc oxide feel. Therefore, it can be
0:03:08   used as an arm of the material policing mile batteries. There were many research about the census is
0:03:15   open, they will feel. And they found that the electrochemical performance off your film is highly
0:03:21   related to his compensation. By comparing a logical resistive ity, home ability, career
0:03:29   concentration and the second performance off Lazio films with different are looming a content. They
0:03:35   reported that a small amount of alumina about two weeks percentage in a video could reach the best
0:03:42   electoral chemical performance. You know our research. We used the L D. Massive to code out your
0:03:50   particles with NGOs and films to solve the problems off out here. This picture is the Floyd as the
0:03:58   bad ale director system in our lap, which we used to complete A zero LD Cooking was elected that
0:04:05   these e t. M and the water precursors as those sources off, think aluminum and Austrian,
0:04:11   respectively, The perch gas is a patrician guest at a minimum of globalization. Will lost five isis
0:04:18   er on the ulcer precursors or deliver really into reactor by driving off. They're room temperature
0:04:24   Reaper pressure and this peak shows the schematic off the easy oil. The cooking process This part
0:04:32   shows a psycho off zinc oxide coating. And another part is the one cycle alumina uncle in order to
0:04:40   find the optimal composition and the sickness off is the oil. The film, the interior part coz were
0:04:46   cold his ways different ratios off alumina to think oxide a All the cycles different A deposition
0:04:53   temperatures on the difference in tone toil the cycles and the wind named of the samples By falling
0:04:59   this way de position, temperature, dash total a all the psychos and a zero and the priest thing out
0:05:08   hell was named ass UCL. Deal means ankle to doubt you To confirm the optimal condition off radio lt
0:05:17   cooking, we tested the electronic conductive to of samples. All the simple powder were cold, pressed
0:05:25   it to form pallets, and the silver pacer was called his on the both sides off the palace toe work as
0:05:31   the block intellectual when we were used to croon, um, her arm, a tree at different voltages with
0:05:38   the impedance analyzer at different temperatures. And we've got the applause from the obtained that
0:05:45   by folding this equation by comparing the electronic conductivity, is from different examples. We
0:05:52   conformed that that's the optimal coated sample has original aluminum to zinc oxide. LD cycle is 1
0:05:59   to 9, and the deposition temperature is 250. Secrecy, and also we can see the 200 degrees C with a
0:06:08   30. A zero sample has a very different slope. That's because the is the old layer off. This simple
0:06:15   was to six to be active on Lee as a coating layer. Therefore, this simple has a different McCann
0:06:23   ISn't off electronics production
0:06:27   Turner for in this study with folks down the samples always want to know I racial, and then we
0:06:33   conform the composition off samples by using XPS analysis from the service cam off Zappos, we can
0:06:42   see the curve five 200 degrees C with 38 0 sample shows. Strong think picks and the weak titanium
0:06:53   picks indicates this sample has the sickest is your schooling form. And for curve three, the 250
0:07:03   degrees C with 10 80 0 sample not only shows the clear think picks and the week aluminum picks, but
0:07:11   also the pics from titanium were not greatly awakened and curved. Who shows the service scandal 300
0:07:21   degrees C. With 10. A zero sample has no apparent picks from think from the core level of oxygen
0:07:29   from 250. Breezy with 10 ese was simple. We can see the Italian law extreme bahg ah, room in the
0:07:36   Austrian bond and think Austrian bug from 200 degrees C with 38 example, we can see the alumina
0:07:44   auction bond. It has a pending energy off 72.5 electoral votes. Well, she is a chorus body into
0:07:53   letter book. Aluminum nor metallic alumina means the most alumina artoms, substituted into the think
0:08:03   size in the audio, feels so. That is why we call the film as a loan on talked think oxide Ezio,
0:08:12   quoting instead off alumina and zinc oxide coating. In addition, the table is that the weight of
0:08:19   percent Asia for Lumina each quoted simple, which was calculated from the atomic, a racial XPS
0:08:27   recalls from the debt hole was 300 De Bracy and the 10 Lazio is simple. We can know that the A zero
0:08:35   film was not too successfully coated at is 300 degrees C and the 250 de risi with 10. A zero example
0:08:44   has a proper aluminum content, which is close to 2%. This is constant with the water report about
0:08:54   the A zero. So overall we believe that's 250 degrees C with 10 ese or temple rich tha on optimal
0:09:03   coaching
0:09:06   and the next we conformed that the easy oil, the accordion signees, an element distribution by TM
0:09:12   and TG asked my pain by comparing the clean, agile particles the 250 degrees C with 10. Lazio's
0:09:20   simple has Aiso layer with designees over about 2.5 centimeters on the actual particle service and
0:09:28   the ideas mapping off 200 secrecy with 38 example shows stepped. Aluminum and zinc elements are
0:09:35   uniformly distributed on the surface over there with particles, and especially we can see the dense
0:09:41   their distribution off aluminum and zinc elements at the edges, suggesting that the easy old room
0:09:48   was quoted on Lee on the surface off there with your particles without bulk diffusion.
0:09:56   This slide shows the Sakhalin performance off the samples in a potential range off point of one
0:10:02   world was revealed. We can see that most off the easel quoted lto samples, show the higher
0:10:08   capacities and that off uncoated out he'll at the room temperature. The initial capacity off Uncle
0:10:16   Toldo reached around the 100 the 17 minute and per hour program then gradually decreased and a
0:10:23   stabilized the at around 140. After 200 cycles, the ticker is off. The capacity is, of course, that
0:10:32   by the formation of our CIA, which was intensified and the structure stability off out, he'll get
0:10:38   worse in point of one gold 23 words Trust for Michael. We mentioned before for high temperature of
0:10:44   condition. The uncoated out here shows our shop, her decline on capacity. This is because at the
0:10:51   high temperature, the reactions off electrolytes, decomposition we're excess orbited. Then these to
0:10:59   a larger resistance.
0:11:02   Let's take a look at 200 the words He was 38 0 assemble, which had the thickest ideo a layer kulti.
0:11:11   It shows a very sharp decline on capacity. This is because the Ezio layer off this temple is to
0:11:18   thinks to be active only as a coating material. It also acted as the annulment here. In contrast,
0:11:26   250 degrees he was 10. A zero sample shows are remarkable improvement on the specific capacity and
0:11:34   the stability within 00.123 world, which can be attributed to to the higher conductive ity and the
0:11:41   protection provided by the older was appropriated to sick please
0:11:47   for red performance off samples. And we can see that the Uncle Todo shows a quick decrease in
0:11:54   capacity with the current to retain Chris for bulls, room temperature and high temperature in
0:11:59   contrast to 250 deeper Z with tenley. The example, his place and excellent to read capability and a
0:12:07   stability attributed to to the conductive is the old cultural layer with an optimal sickness which
0:12:14   can improve the conductive drove out here and the ridge of fast electron transport. And it is worth
0:12:22   mentioning that the 200 degrees C with 38 0 sample shows ah higher capacity at point to Syria, which
0:12:30   is deal to the overthink is the old layer provide additional capacity as an animal material instead
0:12:38   of just a protective coaching, which was a lowing Morley semi owes to insert into post Israel
0:12:46   coating layer and al teal particles. This conclusion can be obtained by comparing the charge and the
0:12:53   discharge curves. We can see the old Hill part coz who is the optimal ways they were quoting, shows
0:12:59   a similar shape of curves as the ankle to the out you. However, the 200 degrees he was 38 0 sample
0:13:07   shows a different trends. The position of plant whole changed. In other words, it also shows the
0:13:13   electrochemical cattle resistance off a zero anil cyclical term Entry CV is a electrochemical
0:13:22   technique commonly used to investigate the reduction and the oxidation processes off battery,
0:13:29   charging and discharging. In a typical CV curve, the potential were has a peak missed that the
0:13:36   electrochemical oxidation or reduction reaction occurs. In addition, the intensity off the pig
0:13:43   reflects the electoral chemical reads activity at that potential. A higher pick shows in current
0:13:50   ability is a batter electoral chemical reactivity for elderly lecturers, there Arc station and a
0:13:57   reduction picks at around the one point of fire and the 1.7 both, I should be able to the to the
0:14:03   Redox reactions between federal valid to pay attention I'll to travel a titanium ill they reversible
0:14:11   reduction peak at around the point of seven. Bold in the first cycle should come from the U reverse
0:14:17   for electoral light to compensation. The pair over realizable picks below pointed six won't should
0:14:25   correspond to the insertion and extraction off Lisa Miles. After a sad end out, he'll spend no
0:14:32   structure which can provide the actual capacity over out he'll, except for the discharge process off
0:14:41   the first cycle for a C information. The other psychos off 250 degrees C with 10 a zero example
0:14:49   overlap very well. However, unquote lto displaced at the peak hard this decreased was increasing
0:14:57   cycles that may be related to the big irreversible loss. Awfully see my arse during the first cycle.
0:15:06   For lto anil, the electrode forming a stable and the uniformity interface layer between the election
0:15:13   and the electrolyte is beneficial to the stability. Because the S e I layer will keep growing till
0:15:20   to a stable condition and that this process will continue to consume these in the aisles. Therefore,
0:15:28   we compared to the ECM damages so fresh and the cycle the electoral. The surface for the lectured at
0:15:36   fresh state, there are some more particles on the election should be from the bender and the
0:15:42   conductive materials, which were makes the for the fabrication off the electric pace and the fourth
0:15:49   cycle a lecture. Old we can see there is a more uniformly or fully coward on the surface, off the
0:15:56   250 de risi with 10 a zero electoral and for the ankle tid out your electoral there are more small.
0:16:04   Parker's attached the on the surface, which is not uniform and cannot protect the electrode. We also
0:16:12   can't after the i R Back for for the Psycho, the Lecture of Surveys which shows the components off a
0:16:18   C I layer our existing in the interface like here.
0:16:24   From this project, we summarized the functions off optimized ese Rosenfield as to folding two points
0:16:32   protective function assisting out here electrode toe form a beneficial interface layer to protect
0:16:39   the out, he'll from electoral life and the conductive function. Increasing the subsidy thick
0:16:45   capacity off lto by enhancing electronic conductivity and the paper related to this project have
0:16:53   been published in journals power sources. This work was supported in part by the National Science
0:17:00   Foundation. Thank you