Enhanced Performance of Li-Ion Battery Cathodes by Atomic Layer Deposition

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Yan Gao

Missouri University of Science and TechnologyLINKS



Atomic layer deposition (ALD) has emerged as a promising technique to improve performance of Li-ion battery cathodes by depositing conformal and ultrathin coatings, and furthermore, the precise control of coating thickness by ALD benefits pursuit of an optimized result. In this talk, the application of ALD coating will be extended to doping in structure, which inherited merits of ALD, including conformality and precise control. Fe surface-doping was performed in a high-energy Li-rich layered cathode and a high-voltage spinel cathode. Thanks to this modification, the specific capacity and cycle life were significantly improved.

0:00:01   Hello. Thank you for watching this talk about article atomic, their deposition. In this talk, I will
0:00:08   present some work about constitution off the thing and badly cancels particles using a Tom's their
0:00:15   deposition. During this talk, I will first briefly introduce the same battery castle, including is
0:00:23   importance the problems that need to resolve for practical applications on the methods that we're
0:00:30   using to attract this problems. Then two works that has been done. You know who will be presented
0:00:38   which were using top of their deposition for informal surface Toki
0:00:44   in the spotlight about electric grave Andi storage in the future Update by Delia in two. Assault in
0:00:51   90 The leasing I'm Battery waas considered as important are to fulfill the future attacks. Agree
0:00:59   with high accessibility, high flexibility on the high resilience this attractive and the storage
0:01:07   ability and low emission off carbon outside Reddit acquire attention on investments. What was
0:01:16   announcement off? The thing? I am battery technology. This pack prize drops toe one is compared with
0:01:22   the price 10 years ago and in the next decade its market size is predicted to grow by four times.
0:01:33   In this scenario, the development off this thing on Battery Castle to play an important role. One
0:01:40   reason is the cause off. Catholic is higher than most parts. Cereal manufacturer off this am
0:01:46   backward on the other reason is the castle is considered as one off the linking factors that terming
0:01:54   the performance off listen on battery, The development off cattle is calling for high energy and
0:02:00   high boat
0:02:03   I've run. There are some problems that restrict the performance on Capitol One is the internal
0:02:10   resistance is including intrinsic Elektronik. On the ionic resistance is the provincial resistance
0:02:19   between castle on the electrolytes on green boundary resistance between primary particles in the
0:02:26   castle. There will be any loss during cycling off this in and battery due to this is distances Onda
0:02:35   cracking off the particles were aggravated resistant grows during high current loading on long time
0:02:42   cycle, which is due to repeating expansion and shrinkage off that its structure doing the same
0:02:49   interpretation Integration Onda also information on growth off impurity face
0:02:58   on the surface off the castle. Direct contact between castle on the electoral I grew cause oxidation
0:03:05   on the decomposition off election life gas release, the transition metal oxides, transition, metal
0:03:13   dissolution from Castle service to actually We will aggravate this Paretti with that directions
0:03:23   during the initial fuel cycles. I important solid formula boat in her face layer, which we call it.
0:03:30   Asked why there we'll form on the interface between capital and lacks right on this SPR layer had
0:03:38   prevent the right contact between castle and backtracked. However, if the SPR layer is tough stable,
0:03:46   it's repeating become a vision and the growth will consume electrolytes species on the increase in
0:03:52   official resistance. The desire backward
0:03:58   to address this problem off surface and structure, a surface modification was performed using
0:04:05   surfaced open method On one hand. By this method, serviced ability off the cattle will be cool. Such
0:04:14   a stabilising SP I layer on the reducing and official resistance. On the other hand, the doping is
0:04:22   aiming to a surprise formation off impurity phase on Gus Redus. Interesting on the green boundary
0:04:29   resistances. Furthermore, conform all doping is our goal by using informal coating, but now
0:04:36   nanoparticles
0:04:41   atomic their deposition. If the approach were used to grow conforming culture, Andi, its precise
0:04:48   control off coating thickness enable us to control the co amounts off open cat house. This
0:04:57   adventists off derived from its self limiting reaction on the 20 of the those off precursors. For
0:05:07   example, in this sugar the aluminum LD applies try meth aluminum that only reacted with the Jobs Act
0:05:14   rule during l D. On leave the service covered with massing groups. Then the second triggers of water
0:05:23   will react with the massing troops on leave the surface covered by hydroxide group again. For those
0:05:30   off, try metal aluminum the next cycle.
0:05:37   The flush is crucial for L D, which can remove and reacted precursors. Onsides products messy to get
0:05:46   rid off the uncontrollable Kanko vapor deposition during healthy in this manner, the conform coating
0:05:54   will be grown layer by layer on the surface off the substrate
0:06:01   using LD. We devastate higher oxides Oh listen. Nuclear canceled on performed constant kneeling to
0:06:08   achieve Oh, conform or I own service Toki, this process form our own dogs Spin office on the
0:06:15   particle service on significantly improved Establish stability off this castle Even at 55 degrees c
0:06:28   on the left hand, the high resolution tm we can observe different Battisti spacing at the interior
0:06:36   be region on the surface series the corresponding fast Fourier transform happen Show that in the
0:06:46   interior be reason its structure remains original. Layer structure off this cattle car on the
0:06:54   surface, off the series the structure off the spindle face was observed Beautiful Iran service
0:07:01   Stobie on the right hand XPS spectral showed us that the intensity off Tyrone dues after nearly
0:07:11   which suggests the quiz off higher amount at castle surface due to diffusion off into the capital
0:07:19   structure
0:07:21   and the use results from the sea regions. A signal off Iran Elledge was observed which directly
0:07:30   proved the existence off iro the seven and a bit deep from the particle surface which, however,
0:07:39   didn't go deeper since that use at 59 11 didn't show us the at the Elledge
0:07:49   combining this results we phone our own dogs Spindle face was formed on the service off this listen
0:07:56   bridge there now,
0:07:59   due to this island old spinoff phase on the surface, the least in diffusion coefficients
0:08:08   during charge on discharge was improved. Many other works about doping off Spino Castle ira own has
0:08:17   been shown to improve to actually conductive, which can then benefit the listen My own transport
0:08:24   parties Also we summarized differential asked during 100 cycles off charge discharge at a one C rate
0:08:34   on 55 degrees C. It can be observed. The differential pastie that tick you TV figure showed us the
0:08:44   transition off pig doing surgery, which is dude who structured transition off this thing Rich their
0:08:52   cattle. Doing something on the two picks will finally observed after 100 cycles but well, uncoated
0:09:00   pressing one in its particular TV differential classic figure. We observe the transition off peak,
0:09:08   but at same time we find the intensity off the pick degrees corresponding to laws off capacity
0:09:16   within the observed for the British profile on the bottom right figure. This results suggested
0:09:24   stabilization off structure off this lifting bridge There you told this around old spinoff phase
0:09:32   achieved by L. D. Under posting dinner
0:09:37   in the second work we are presenting were performed. I don't outside NLD high voltage leasing
0:09:44   magnets Nico outside the elemental spino Catholic particles on form initial our own service doping
0:09:52   in these cattle. Then we performed coastal meaning to recover the structure on the investigated
0:09:59   doping magnetism during LD on the poster needing based on our results
0:10:07   on the left hand on the ECM, images we follow are outside of the dimensions, the morphology off the
0:10:15   item a whole well after posting living change which is related toe a structure condition
0:10:25   on the right hand that years showed us before posting anything. He has prepared the animal after i o
0:10:34   l d c at the a P at the service emission has ah higher intensity off Cairo than the interior being
0:10:44   injured, suggesting the IRA own was stoked toe Elmo, but remain mainly l service after a post.
0:10:53   Anything in the bosom Dr Figure both they and the beers and so reduction off our own intensity
0:11:02   compared with the, uh at c a p. By normalizing this to Magnus intensity, we can conclude the irony
0:11:13   diffuse deeper toward all structure off Elmo.
0:11:20   The reason was postulated by investigation off XLT on the comparison between this work on other
0:11:27   references. First for the as prepared at the AP after I oxide lt with observes formation off
0:11:35   secondary face also which is consistent with others work that Neil's the elemental is in back home.
0:11:45   If we consider the vacuum, you know l d this change off structure can be explained during this
0:11:54   change, I'll know where loses that is Austria.
0:12:01   The other case that other little candles It's like this oxygen is during its it is hated above. 700
0:12:08   Kroosee in on ambient admits to you.
0:12:13   It is known that lettuce Austrian loss will accompany with instructor transition from spinoff phase
0:12:20   two different faces for other. No. And during this transition cut down, including listen on the
0:12:27   transition metal house will move to a different size but was fully
0:12:34   the lettuce oxygen will be with hover from error on the structure will return to spin All face on.
0:12:41   The Catalans will return to its preferred prefer ball signs
0:12:48   during this transition if we consider ironic iPhone at the same time. Well, I understand the iron
0:12:56   but also participate in this structure, condition and therefore located in the structure off the
0:13:02   island. This way, the Baron was stalked into the ER No during loss. Onda Recovery off the lettuce
0:13:12   Austin on start structured transition
0:13:18   The introduction off our own service stopping toe no, significantly improve. Listen, diffusion
0:13:25   coefficients on the specific passed a a different current loading on the sex cycle life no matter at
0:13:33   room temperature on day 55 degrees C. This results were accomplished after we perform optimization
0:13:43   off kneeling durations
0:13:48   according to our post cycle in tax analysis The mirrors off this modification is oppression Off
0:13:56   decomposition on the oxidation, off actualized fishes on the stabilization off spr layer Recalling
0:14:05   the surface issue off castles the in the future off the right to contact between Catholic and lunch
0:14:13   live is crucial especially for this high voltage castle, the capital actual I'd will be easily
0:14:22   oxidized to the high potential on the has old surface. So we all deserve a seeker SP I layer off
0:14:31   modifiers simple the F e 700 for then the uncoated Alamo UC According to the old, the battle outside
0:14:43   oxygen bombs in the Austrian waas whole level on the corresponding lower decolonization species from
0:14:52   electrolyte, including the metal fluoride the Afghans observed in Flora's one s Kolodko on the false
0:15:02   froze floor eyes observed in Flora's to be Kulemin.
0:15:12   In summary, we talked about the particle LD its application to provide informal voting in order to
0:15:20   achieve informal service store. This matter is to pursue a informal interface that for one between
0:15:28   castle and election lives to benefit us, the ability and the house burned off the listen I'm battery.
0:15:36   We also present McCann magnetism about how doping occur during LD on hope This can help led to
0:15:45   develop its used different fields.
0:15:49   The two presented work has been published and hear other related applications.
0:15:58   That's all for my top and thank you for watching.