Morpheus: Going Sub-Nanoscale at Kiloton-scale

Morpheus helped to shape and form our dreams. Forge Nano’s Morpheus ALD tool was borne out of the dream to change the way we approach ALD on particles leading to a paradigm shift in scalability, cost and market reach.

A Paradigm Shift in Manufacturing

Forge Nano’s Morpheus ALD tool makes the transition from small-scale “temporal” batch ALD processes to a high-throughput, semi-continuous, “spatial” ALD process at commercial-scale. This paradigm shift in manufacturing process enables manufacturing of precision, sub-nanoscale to nanoscale surface engineering on particles in large, commercial-scale volumes at market leading costs.  Forge Nano commercial-scale ALD systems enable you to realize sub-nanoscale thicknesses at kiloton-scale volumes.

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