Forge Nano Joins Soteria Battery Innovation Group Consortium to improve battery safety, performance, and innovation.

Forge Nano Inc. proudly joins leading companies in the battery ecosystem to help improve battery technology.

Forge Nano, a global leader in Atomic Layer Deposition technology, offers advanced nano coatings that drastically improve the performance and safety of batteries has joined the Soteria Battery Innovation Group (BIG) Consortium.

Soteria Battery Innovation Group has formed a consortium of industry leaders, representing the battery ecosystem, consisting of developers and users of energy storage technology for a wide range of markets. Soteria’s non-woven separator and metallized film current collector technologies, which help to prevent an internal cell short circuit from escalating into thermal runaway, are just a couple examples of new safety technologies that the consortium would like to promote to the market.

“We are proud to join this group of technology innovators to help bring better and safer batteries to market. By working together, we can bring these innovative technologies to consumers faster and more efficiently than ever before. Our technology has been demonstrated to not only improve battery performance, but also improve safety, by greatly reducing thermal runaway. Our technology enables; faster charging, higher voltage, longer battery life, and improved safety, all within an easily implemented drop in solution for manufacturing. By joining the Soteria Consortium, we hope to elevate and improve battery technology, and bring the next generation of ultra performance batteries to consumers everywhere.” Dr. Paul Lichty, CEO – Forge Nano.

 “We are thrilled to welcome Forge Nano to the Consortium.” Said Brian Morin, CEO of Soteria. “Soteria and the Consortium are focused on enabling inherently safe cells everywhere. Forge Nano’s dedication to battery innovations without compromising performance makes them an excellent partner. We look forward to working closely together to raise the battery industry to a new standard of safety.”

From energy storage materials to pharmaceutical research, Forge Nano’s suite of ALD products allow companies to develop revolutionary coatings across disciplines. More details are available at: