Endless possibilities

Forge Nano’s manufacturing processes have been refined not only for the highest quality but also for efficiency, so that your products can be coated faster and at a lower cost than ever before possible.

With our patented high-throughput nano-coating manufacturing process, new products can be manufactured at a scale and cost that opens the world of nano-coating to industries that, until recently, could barely consider what such a breakthrough would mean for them.

No Boundaries Necessary

We can coat your products in our facilities or we can license our technology to you, sell you the equipment you need, and help you set up Precision Nano-coating capabilities in your own factory, using minimal floor space and enabling the full integration of coatings into your manufacturing process.

Forge Nano works with everyone from startups to OEMs and material suppliers.

Strong Bonds, Stronger Products

Forge Nano has literally taken a revolutionary technology born and refined in a university laboratory and brought it to scale for real world applications at real world prices.

Precision Nano-coating produces a chemical bond with your material that will not flake or separate. Our quality control techniques are similarly rigorous to ensure that you get what you pay for.

A Host of Material Benefits

Forge Nano specializes in nano-scale surface coatings, including:

Corrosion resistance  |  Oxidation resistance  |  Improved dispersion  |  Reduced viscosity  |  Dielectric properties  |  Electrical conduction  |  Electrical insulation  |  Ion conduction with corrosion resistance  |  Improved strength  |  Improved bonding  |  Greater catalytic activity  |  Resistance to coking  |  Optical tuning  |  Adherence base layer