Particle Atomic Layer Deposition Battery Market Applications

Keynote Presentation: James Trevey, Ph.D. – CTO of Forge Nano 

0:00:02 Hello. My name is James Trevey. I’m the CTO for Forge Nano and I’m here today to give you a quick
0:00:07 introduction to Forge Nano and a little bit about what we do, uh, particularly in batteries and
0:00:12 about some of our R and D tools. I’ll start by saying that we were founded in 2013 with the vision
0:00:17 to become a world leader in innovative material solutions by enabling atomic layer deposition or
0:00:22 they will be in every way possible at a commercial scale to enable the next generation of advanced
0:00:29 materials. Last year we emerged with a leaner no solutions and acquired the technology suite from
0:00:34 Sunday Technologies to secure position is the market leader in A. L. D. For powders as well as a
0:00:40 technology leader in a little for objects and semiconductors. Our team has also expanded to about 60
0:00:46 and we’re headquartered in Thornton Colorado, where our facility is well poised to accommodate our
0:00:52 continuing growth.
0:00:55 We have a global reach with regard to our investors, partners and customers who rely on us as an end
0:01:01 to end material solution provider. What I mean here is that we do everything from a legal service at
0:01:07 the milligram scale all the way up to kill it on scale, providing robust and flexible are and the
0:01:14 equipment to accommodate just about any application. And finally, and of course, there’s a primary
0:01:20 business model, selling equipment and licensing, selling, licensing commercial, all the equipment
0:01:30 shown here are just a few images and renderings of our equipment. We are serving all four L. D. Uh,
0:01:37 segments of powder objects, semiconductor and roll to roll A. L. D with both R and D and commercial
0:01:43 equipment. Our R and D systems are quickly becoming the standard in the field, uh due to their ease,
0:01:48 abuse, program ability and repeatability of experiments as well as robust design, which is needed
0:01:55 for a lot of people who use them. The fortune of commercial equipment is also being quickly adopted
0:02:01 into many different fields uh, and may even be serving you today whether you know it or not. We
0:02:06 design and build all of our equipment and house based on our own effort as we are buried about use
0:02:11 of our own equipment, not only for general R and D, but to ensure that all of the appropriate
0:02:16 testing has been done to deliver quality product to our customers
0:02:22 If you’ve not heard available. That’s all right. Um we did not invent the method. It it’s actually
0:02:27 been around for something like 60 years. Um, but I’ll give you a quick, quick break down here. The
0:02:32 basic concept of a all these. It’s a method of depositing an ultra thin can formal coding on just
0:02:38 about any material or substrate. The beauty of reality is that it’s the most controllable of all the
0:02:43 coding techniques with layers often thinner than even a nanometer being applied, which is not line
0:02:50 of sight limited. Um Or in other words, geometry is not until an issue failed you because the
0:02:56 methodology involves self limiting reactions. You can rule layers to your exact desired thickness
0:03:02 with excellent control of con formality and chemistry shown here is a great period of table from
0:03:07 atomic limits dot com which shows all the different coding types available by L. D summarize. You
0:03:13 can think of reality is an elegant method to improve materials that has only recently become
0:03:17 affordable through the commercialization efforts. Unfortunately
0:03:23 show at the center of this slide is a word cloud to capture just a handful of the various idiots
0:03:28 which led can control whether it is flow ability for out of manufacturing or connectivity of various
0:03:36 sorts for energy storage activity for calluses, for obesity, for barry coding. Italy can be applied
0:03:44 very generally because as a means to control surface properties. You know what I’m showing on the
0:03:49 outer perimeter is a subset of all the various markets in which L. D. Has demonstrated some sort of
0:03:54 improved material or device performance to highlight here, you can see a simplified set of various
0:04:01 application specific data which demonstrates the benefit of A. L. D. The realm of batteries. We
0:04:07 often enable higher energy density by safely enabling a higher upper cut off voltage, faster
0:04:13 charging by keeping S. C. I. Growth obey and even lowering costs in comparison to other coding
0:04:19 techniques currently being used. Uh here I’m showing some recent data obtained from testing 40 amp
0:04:24 ourselves where it will be, is showing about a 40% improvement cycle. Like other types of benefits
0:04:30 Vit lb shown here are are increased durability of the NOX catalyst, Reduced oxidation of Thai 64 for
0:04:38 additive manufacturing and oxidation resistance for multi layer ceramic capacitors. We’re also
0:04:43 finding L. D. Can be obviously very useful and beneficial and display technologies um while lowering
0:04:50 costs and the L. D. For pharmaceuticals and more generally just bio type applications has grown
0:04:57 widely and interest since we’ve now pave the path for commercialization available in Algeria. So in
0:05:04 addition to that brief overview, I also wanted to just give a little bit extra of a deep dive into
0:05:08 folks some of our battery uh data as well as um quick overview some of our just a couple of our
0:05:15 systems. So in the realm of batteries, alien proves just about every aspect. Most commonly we get a
0:05:23 lot of attention for cathode and nose, uh electrolyzing or separators depending on if you want
0:05:29 liquid or solid state batteries. Um You know when it comes to the cathode um you know, enabling
0:05:36 higher energy density is like as I mentioned before possible by enabling higher upper cut off
0:05:44 voltage. So when you can cycle to a higher voltage you can get more capacity out of your battery.
0:05:50 Typically if you try to do this, you ruin your cycle life, but when you put a L. D. On there um it
0:05:57 does not really your cycle life. And we’ve got a few examples shown here with popular cathodes, nmc
0:06:04 11 and 62 where we uh double or even triple the cycle life um when cycle the 4.4V and this just
0:06:13 gives us higher energy density. And you know, the cycle life we still need. This is the case with
0:06:19 any flavor of cathode for lithium ion batteries, calcio elemental you name it. There’s always a
0:06:25 benefit withheld, right? We’re controlling the surface um are any flavor of emptying for that matter
0:06:32 as well when it comes to a, you know, same basic concept aliens. They’re your engineering your FBI.
0:06:41 So you avoid this other one that you can’t really control very well and causes all sorts of higher
0:06:46 resistance. In this case, we enable to hire reversible capacity via that lowered resistance and we
0:06:55 often find um that this enables a much faster charge capability. So fast charge in particular to to
0:07:04 electric vehicles is very important. Uh and that’s exactly what we’re addressing and you feel free
0:07:10 to google us. You know, we’re in the midst of a number of different M. O. U. S with graphite
0:07:14 companies for this exact matter
0:07:18 last and certainly not least in safety. You know, again, just some example, data about a lady
0:07:24 improving uh safety via either slower self heating or reduced overall reaction. Um in this case, you
0:07:33 know, some of those 40 up ourselves I mentioned earlier underwent an overcharge test and passed with
0:07:38 the U. Car rating of three instead of six. You know Uh six being for their the identical uncoated
0:07:46 counterpart uh sell versus the L. D. Sell, they got three. Right. This is very important to to about
0:07:53 a number of tv companies. Um basic message here the one example how I’ll be improved safety for
0:07:59 latino
0:08:02 so um switching gears over to some of the equipment that makes it all possible. Um there’s plenty of
0:08:09 uh plenty of equipment to go over but I’m just going to go over some of the powder related equipment
0:08:13 today that that uh you know in which the R. And D. Is done on on fluid beds, on rotary equipment and
0:08:21 even some of our scaling as well. So you can see here a fluid, I bet, or the basic design concept of
0:08:31 the food. I said, you know, this is just a teaser of a taste of what we try to work through to make
0:08:39 sure that we can do good R. And D. That when we apply led to some of these different materials for
0:08:44 different applications, we can do effectively uh and ensure very high quality uh We go through quite
0:08:51 a quite a bit of rigor to make sure that the way we operate a consistent, reliable and repeatable um
0:08:59 on the right, you can hopefully see the moving fluid ice bed and ensuring good mixing in this
0:09:05 particular pattern. Uh This is our workhorse R. And D. System, the Prometheus. Uh These systems have
0:09:17 a lot of capability. They can do just about anything, you know, uh in terms of R. And D. And just
0:09:24 about any substrate there, particularly to for powders and um uh you know, the nice part you go to
0:09:32 that comic elements dot com. You can do just about anything there, which is pretty exciting. Uh
0:09:37 These tools are very robust and very user friendly. Another way that we do A L. B. And R. And D.
0:09:46 Scale is with a rotary tool. So um you know, lots of powders out there, lots of different property.
0:09:53 There’s a huge difference between powder for additive manufacturing, very dense uh and powder for,
0:10:01 you know, high surface area carbon like catalysts that behave completely differently and very very
0:10:08 low density. Right? And so this requires a number of different mixing methods to effectively apply L.
0:10:17 D. Uh and make sure you did a good job and it meets their expectations and performs well. Uh The
0:10:24 rotary tools offer a number of different benefits, particular for two day small objects, things like
0:10:30 that, you can actually see actually happening through the view port, which is nice. Um And this
0:10:35 works out really well, especially for applications in which R. And D. Type powders are very
0:10:43 difficult to make in large quantities. So when you have lots of those qualities though, um the nice
0:10:51 part about the rotary tools, they scale up very readily. Um This is a piece of equipment that we
0:10:55 have, it’s called litos. We sell these in very many different sizes up to hundreds and thousands of
0:11:01 kilos capacity. Uh They’re very effective tools um and do a very good job of ensuring good powder
0:11:09 movement, very flexible, flexible and versatile for how thick and he’ll be later you want to fly. Um
0:11:18 And you know, comparison to some of our other techniques, you know, has has a number of different
0:11:22 advantages and disadvantages. Uh This would be batch LD versus some of our other equipment that
0:11:28 would be sending continuous for continuous play. We’ll save those for another time. Um, uh I’m happy
0:11:36 to answer any questions. This is this is just in a quick overview of just some of our technology,
0:11:42 but if you’re interested in learning more about products, services, I. P. Partnership, investment
0:11:47 opportunities, uh we’re all ears and we’re happy to talk about our equipment, very proud of it and
0:11:53 we appreciate you being here and thank you.