Gratomic: Our Difference, Commercial Scalability and ALD Technologies

Arno Brand & Armando Farhate – Gratomic


Arno Brand and Armando Farhate of Gratomic present an in-depth exploration on the operation of Gratomic, including what sets the Company apart, our process and our future use of Forge Nano’s ALD coating technology.


0:00:08   My name is Arnold Brand. I am the president and CEO of Gratomic graphite. I am pleased to have the
0:00:14   opportunity today to present to you our company and our unique strategy and innovative approach that
0:00:21   we have taken to develop our flagship Abbas at the outcome graphite mine in Namibia Atomic is an
0:00:28   eight year venture experiencing overnight success after resurgence of commodity markets of late,
0:00:34   primarily being driven by the worldwide effort of electrification of the automotive industry and
0:00:41   green energy incentive by the G seven coming out of one of the longest commodity drives polls the
0:00:48   market has seen in the past decade. The outcome graphic project consists of roughly 1416 square
0:00:57   kilometres of exploration and mining licences of which the outcome graphic mine located on M. L. 215
0:01:02   makes up the company's flagship, assess the outcome. Graphic project is a high grade crystalline
0:01:08   acid Asset reclassified as a vein graphic project in 2013, after an investigation of hydrothermal
0:01:16   origin and thorough isotopic analysis. The average grade of the outcome graphite ranges between
0:01:22   19-90% graphite is carbon with an average grade of roughly 42.9%. c.g. The project is located 200 km
0:01:30   from the port of Widgets Bay. They just pay is a deep sea container terminal with ample capacity.
0:01:37   Facilitating an optimum means of transporting outcome graphite internationally. Atomic is currently
0:01:43   in its final stages of dry commissioning and anticipates that the company will progress towards wet
0:01:48   commissioning short. Okay, my name is Armando Far Hottie. I am the ceo of great comic and I will now
0:01:57   take some time to explain to you why having the outcome asset is so important for platonic as Arnold
0:02:07   has already mentioned. The key point is hybrid, high grade is a feature of the uh same graphite
0:02:16   everywhere where banker fighters found. But the difference is that the atomic has been the only
0:02:21   company that is actually taking a bhangra fight to an industrial scale exploration phase. This is
0:02:28   happening in our welcome I am site in Namibia. Namibia is mining friendly jurisdiction. So it is a
0:02:37   country where you can actually make things happen. We have a very good team of local workers and
0:02:44   managers and also high level directors with a lot of experience and the graphite mining and
0:02:53   exploration that is supporting the commissioning phase of our project which is good as planets so
0:02:59   far. So we are moving towards having this unique vein graphite processing plant up and operational
0:03:07   banking another year. As I'm not mentioned, why is it such a big advantage to have high grade the
0:03:14   drink graphite offers to us? Because that means that you have a lot of, a lot less cost evolved from
0:03:21   the mining to the end product. Because when you have uh an hour with a high grade, you have to
0:03:28   transport a lot less material to carry the same amount of carbon. That is uh the basis of graphite
0:03:34   into the plant. So you save a lot on the actual mining and blasting and transporting to the site.
0:03:42   And then also when you run this with you through the plant as you already have a much higher grade,
0:03:47   you are allowed to design a process that is simpler, faster, more energy efficient. And this is what
0:03:54   we have done and we have to make discussed and design of our processing plant that allows us to
0:04:00   raise the carbon level of the graphite to commercial levels uh with very little intervention
0:04:07   compared to traditional uhh graphite from disseminated flick. Another important difference that we
0:04:15   take advantage of having bhangra find is that the type of impurities not just the quantity which is
0:04:20   smaller, that means higher grade but the type of increases that we find now it's the level of the
0:04:26   materials impurities that could, for example, cause a problem on the technical chemistry performance
0:04:33   of a battery is much lower. We have lost less, especially metal impurities in the graphite. That
0:04:39   means that we will manage to, in a sustainable way produce better grade graphite with processes that
0:04:47   are much less intrusive to the environment and also less costly at the end of the day. So all that
0:04:54   will allow us to to to harvest the advantage of having uh an industrial scale of in graphite mine in
0:05:01   operation the electric vehicle market is exploding with new battery gigafactory is under
0:05:07   construction on almost every continent, with such such rapid expansion occurring in the industry. We
0:05:13   expect to see significant supply chain bottlenecks experienced by manufacturers. Great Tomic has
0:05:20   designed its on site vein graphic processing facility to accommodate rapid expansion to meet growing
0:05:27   market demand. In addition to providing desirable quantities of graphite atomics outcome. Graphic
0:05:34   project in Namibia offers the highest quality graphite on the market, processed on site using water
0:05:41   and patented air classification technology. A graphic is ethically sourced and environmentally
0:05:46   friendly. This process is supplemented by a finishing programme that is 2nd to none. Great Atomic is
0:05:53   currently in the development phase of its own graphic finishing facility. In the port of the display
0:05:59   Where the air classified vein graphic will be taken from 99% plus c.g. To better at great levels of
0:06:07   99.99%. The facility will accommodate Micron Ization, swear in Ization and the final fortunato
0:06:16   patented L. D. Coating.
0:06:20   So if we think about the value chain throughout the process which we are vertically integrating for
0:06:27   our outcome site, it all starts on what we call mineral procurement. That is the phase where we
0:06:36   actually go and collect the material, struck the material from the earth's crust. And then how come
0:06:44   we will do that by an Open Pete technique which is much simpler than underground mining today. The
0:06:52   process that is being used for this non commercial van Griffin's in other places in the way our
0:06:59   graphic is set up will allow us to explore in an open pete which is much more efficient, less costly
0:07:06   and safer. True. Bring the material from the earth's crust to the processing plant. Then the
0:07:13   processing facility is very simple one as I mentioned based on on kneeling and uh water and their
0:07:23   classification treatments that will separate the graphite the carbon from the gang material. And
0:07:32   This pretty much consuming just some electricity. And uh, the water will be recycled to up to 95% of
0:07:40   it, which is very important in a deserted area as we are as we are in outcome. So we are using
0:07:46   minimal resources to bring this material up to the, to the commercial required grades. And another
0:07:57   phases of this value chamber. Many times it's overlooked is transportation. There are projects
0:08:04   announced themselves as very low cost graphite projects very efficient, but it turns out they are 6,
0:08:12   700 kilometers 1000 kilometres from the nearest port. And then the, the carbon that you don't spend
0:08:20   to produce the graphite you spend on, On fuel, on the transportation. Uh, in the case of how come we
0:08:26   are exactly 200 km from the part of the utterance. As I mentioned before, it's a suitable part for a
0:08:33   container shipment as a deep sea port and the roads that lead from outcome to do that. It's a very
0:08:41   nice roads in good state of preservation. Part of it is gravel roads but in a very good quality and
0:08:49   most most of it is actually very well paved roads. And uh, this means that will optimize the
0:08:57   transportation costs and environmental impact caused by the transportation. Then there is a final
0:09:04   step that discography finishing and this will take place at Letters Bay. We have a facility there,
0:09:09   there is actually at the board and in this facility will make the mic realization which is a process
0:09:15   that will break the graphite to smaller particles suited for the battery grave. Then this Foreign
0:09:23   ization process, which actually shapes the graphite into small potato ships which is are suitable to
0:09:31   receive the little ill when the battery is charging. And uh after that will also apply this uh
0:09:39   unique patented processes of atomic layer deposition that will allow us to enhance the
0:09:47   electrochemical properties of the graphite to benchmark it was on bettering great. And finally uh
0:09:55   the distribution will be facilitated by simply begging those uh those battery, great graphite
0:10:03   materials at the part of the debates and shipping them through that portrait of different locations
0:10:08   where the global O. E. M. S. Who received them and apply them in their batteries and ends. Mhm. Okay.
0:10:16   The old coating process aims to improve the performance of graphite and lithium ion batteries,
0:10:21   outcomes high purity, even graphic is already acceptable in most conventional applications. The
0:10:27   company considers the additional Fortunato's LD process as an opportunity to even further elevate
0:10:33   the electrochemical properties of a pristine graphic to have it outperform any potential other
0:10:39   source of graphite in the industry. With that in mind for atomic may still be able to apply the L. D.
0:10:44   Coating to other non battery great products that would benefit from the technology and not incur
0:10:49   extra costs to the end user as the company will control the entire production chain. This could mean
0:10:55   a better product that outperforms our peers and an extremely competitive price. So regarding the
0:11:03   product uh Atomic has the liberty to develop a product that will best suit each one of the customers
0:11:10   that we are targeting. We have of course, focusing our efforts and the battery market as it's the
0:11:19   largest grow growing market that we expect your face in the future. And we already have an initial
0:11:28   uh battery grade what we call S. G. 16 which is great. That is micron is it? It's fair in eyes it
0:11:35   and can be also coated with a L. D. With automatic uh atomic layer deposition for the battery
0:11:42   application. I say it may be because they are not depending on what the customer wants to do on what
0:11:48   specifically he needs to uh perform with that material in there a note. But the base grade is this
0:11:56   is this is a micro miser and ceremonies it and maybe quoted or not. This can be customized to
0:12:03   different particle sizes depending on the need of the customers. Usually different types of
0:12:09   batteries for example for vehicles or for handheld devices. They require different particle sizes
0:12:16   and this all can be customized within our process. We have also developed some specifications that
0:12:24   will serve better other markets. For example, we have a high grade specification that can serve very
0:12:31   well. The markets of foil, refractory, graphene heat insulation fuel cell. This is a very high grade
0:12:40   material that doesn't require the specific rework that battery grade requires in terms of uh
0:12:48   Micronesian and shaping. Uh We also, we can also produce and we have prepared a technical data sheet
0:12:55   for that, a material with a slightly lower had grade that can serve as a precursor for deleting wire.
0:13:05   If we have customers that decide that they want to process the final stages of the, of deleting my
0:13:11   own battery bring themselves, we can supply this as a precursor for this material and this can be a
0:13:19   very flexible material that applies to many other applications as well. For example, for lubricants
0:13:24   were about an allergy. I can be used on a flame retardant market, so it's it's pretty much a junker
0:13:33   on the on this action to work. That's something that can be apply two very different applications.
0:13:40   We have not forgotten though, the more traditional application markets. So we have developed uh an
0:13:47   even lower great that we can produce, focusing on the markets that require large practical sizes.
0:13:55   Like for example, the factory is the primarily market that requires high grade that is not so high
0:14:02   but with large particle size. Also, it's very suitable for heat insulation for producing expandable
0:14:11   graphite that we produce the city installation. Uh sorry, this flame retardant material for
0:14:19   construction and also for the heat insulation market to be applied together with styrofoam and uh
0:14:25   reduce the cost and the amount of material needed for isolating constructions. And then of course as
0:14:35   any battery production will always have a lower grade that comes out at the end of the back end of
0:14:42   our process that can be used for many, many different applications which is below 1990% graphite.
0:14:51   And this can serve multiple purposes on the spectrum of product branches.
0:15:02   As previously outlined, our battery, great graphite materials can be utilized in a wide range of
0:15:07   products, allowing for significant commercial scalability. Mhm. On top of the innate scalability and
0:15:15   versatility of our graphite. Products expansion and development of Belligerence facility. Yeah. Will
0:15:22   allow the company to more easily disseminate set products quickly and easily around the globe with
0:15:28   little friction and maximum efficiency, lowering costs and enabling larger revenue streams. Yeah.
0:15:36   Yeah. So for those of you that like to go deeper into the technical details, this is a quick
0:15:42   comparison of the bhangra, find that the atomic bring into the market in a for the first time in an
0:15:52   industrialized scale versus the flake graphite, which is what is currently in the market already
0:15:58   mentioned before that the big differences are the carbon content or head grade wherever you want to
0:16:04   call it. And you can see that vein graphite Can have very high up to 90%. Uh Great. And maybe this
0:16:15   is the reason why so far people have not focused on producing it commercially. People end up
0:16:21   exploring it uh many times by hand are visually trying to focus on only extracting the veins
0:16:29   themselves and keeping this high purity. And if you see what how comes doing, we are betting on an
0:16:36   average grade that will be 40%. Because we will accept a delusion which is when we have high, high
0:16:44   carbon content vein mix it with some gang that will reduce the head grade after all. But it makes it
0:16:51   much, much easier and faster for you to mine it. And then of course we recovered that had great back
0:16:58   on down the processing plant. So here we will clearly still be far ahead of a typical disseminated
0:17:04   flake. Like that Does't go above 25%, of the highest bread on any active mine in the world today.
0:17:13   But uh we won't focus only on the high quality of the vein in order to make it uh commercial scale.
0:17:22   And then uh because of this higher grade, as I mentioned, our our purification process will be much
0:17:29   simpler based on flotation and our classification. And usually on the simulated flick, you have to
0:17:35   go to leaching and calculation in order to reach the very high grades and typically the van grade is
0:17:41   just use it as it comes from the earth And in the above 90 in very specific applications. Uh another
0:17:51   thing about the, the vein graphite is the Christianity. That means how the different layers are
0:17:58   arranged one against the other and this has impacts on the chemical and electrical conductivity
0:18:05   because of the vein graphite has typically higher Christianity than the flake graphite. We think
0:18:11   that this this would be evident when we measure the actual performance of our battery in
0:18:18   electrochemical applications. Uh Another thing that is different on the types of graphite is the
0:18:26   particle size. Uh When when people typically mind a vein, they go only for the lump that is very
0:18:32   high grade uh On the disseminated flake, they don't have a choice. They have to go to the, as I say,
0:18:37   disseminated and then again they can make, they can get fine and coarse flake and in our case we we
0:18:45   may obtain the lump if we need it uh for some applications and depending on where we are mining, uh
0:18:50   when we hit a very large vein, you can you can expect the lump and obtain a very high grade material.
0:18:57   But the other than that we also have fine and of course that we can produce from from our material
0:19:05   on the on the outcome deposit. Another difference that impacts the cost of extraction is the type of
0:19:13   host rock here. Disseminated flake can be um very easy like soil to extract but can also be very
0:19:21   hard rock. I have personal experience of both types of uh deposit on disseminated flink vein is very
0:19:28   usually very hard rock. And that's why people focus on uh exploring it. Uh making sure that they go
0:19:35   just for the vein because it's difficult to break. And the outcome is very particularly the suspect
0:19:40   because we have rock but it's a software, it's not difficult to bless. It takes a lot less energy
0:19:46   and allows you to plan better your your your mind development. Uhh then uhh the depth also of the
0:19:56   deposit. Uh We will cooperate, as I mentioned as an open pit in how come that doesn't mean that does
0:20:02   not graphite deep further deep in the ground. We might even in the future consider exploring that.
0:20:08   But we have enough material at reasonable depths. uh that allows you to allows us to produce an open
0:20:16   piece while the typical gang graffiti, they have 4 490 m below the the soil. And uh it's very easy
0:20:25   to process our graphite for all the reasons that we explain it. And sometimes the flake graphite,
0:20:30   the disseminated flake, it gets difficult to process because of the amount of contaminants that it
0:20:35   has that also influence the chemistry of the flotation plant. Makes it very difficult. And did it
0:20:43   serious elements. And I mentioned before, we have very little ones as vain, graphite typically has
0:20:48   not been applied to battery grade. We don't have got on that. But we know that our being graphite
0:20:54   has very little literal elements and then graphite has also a higher density. That also allows you
0:21:02   to plan back to your processing plant. And because of the, uh, where we can obtain the very high
0:21:12   grades for battery without going through consternation or legion, we have a very low environment
0:21:18   impact compared two other purification battles. Thank you very much for the opportunity to present
0:21:26   our company today. If anybody would like to receive more details on products and product
0:21:31   specifications, please feel free to reach out to infrared atomic dot C A. Where our communications
0:21:37   and marketing team will immediately direct you to the appropriate department.