0:00:09   I am Staci Moulton I'm a Field applications engineer development here, and I'm here to introduce you to permit
0:00:16   this. We're here in our facility in 14 0 was my? Here's a lot of other always going on because our
0:00:26   systems are running, you are operational. So we deal with many different chemistries and materials
0:00:34   and all of that knowledge Weyburn has gone into our system, our science. So this system, its purpose
0:00:44   built for Martin. Why, that's important. Particles of very different don't want using Wait for tool
0:00:53   because your parts there are differences in surface area delivery precursors, which is what the
0:00:59   system it's designed to do. So the system is compartmentalized for Penis as well as durability,
0:01:08   usability by the scientists here, your facility,
0:01:14   it's compartments, lives,
0:01:18   precursor delivery. That's that. It's just that part of our organization control system,
0:01:30   a lot of effort into the ease of use and 18 system specialty build mounts for us and this system, as
0:01:41   well as teeter jackets and here on delivery zones to the reactor to make sure you don't drop out.
0:01:49   Precursor. Maintain that, especially if you are changing the chemistry's turnout.
0:02:01   So I want to talk to you about some of the different bottles and what those features and how those
0:02:07   features benefit, especially
0:02:12   system specific. For particles, however, you can deposit non part high surface area objects,
0:02:24   So this system was purpose built for particle Harrison Teoh. Weaker system It's There's many
0:02:33   different things different about particles and vapors, the surface area being one of the major
0:02:42   differences. So you want a uniformly every vertical, all that service
0:02:52   labours. You have told me that certain Syria of particles have a course internal, certain Syria on
0:03:00   many of them. 202 105 100 years where, and you're living in grams kilograms material. A lot of Syria.
0:03:11   So Omar says stands have precursor delivery that able to deliver precursor into the system to be
0:03:19   able Teoh Hope all that material a reasonable sign. Another difference to me. A week for tool part
0:03:30   is that gas wait for system and you're flowing Precursor Over the top of that. There is not a lot of
0:03:40   that breakers to go down into that, that part of this particle to your bottom reactor particles
0:03:52   ensuring proper fixing.
0:03:58   We have a total of five different models of medias different features that you could determine which
0:04:05   system is best for you to figure that out,
0:04:11   figure out what you're wanting to do. Which system matches mornings.
0:04:18   So those different features that we're talking about, any of them to react, troll system and others,
0:04:28   So go for each one of those dangers. You get a little bit more knowledge about what we've done to
0:04:33   this system to make it. That's where you were used because it was best for our
0:04:40   talk to you about some of the features that are included on five models for medias. Three of those
0:04:46   features have to do react yourself with furnace.
0:04:52   Yeah, where the particles are loaded expansions.
0:04:59   This is the smallest reactor. We have three different sizes. It's a reactor. Get very small backs,
0:05:07   loading milligrams
0:05:13   even do scale up process in your or do very small amounts of precious interior. Yeah,
0:05:24   another feature in reactor,
0:05:30   that genesis that you were dealing with
0:05:41   these systems starting to do all trying Elbert.
0:05:47   So you're not just dealing particles and also objects,
0:05:56   objects or objects
0:06:02   the upper part. So
0:06:06   this three pieces particles or objects in your applications
0:06:15   system. That's
0:06:18   so that third feature of our
0:06:23   it's not just but there
0:06:30   you're dealing with here sensitive material. I will take three after your material goes off. Either
0:06:37   ends,
0:06:41   materials,
0:06:44   system, back sex never exposed material here. Another feature for me is a specialty built control
0:06:54   system for operation and safe. It's right up here. Offer mucus.
0:07:03   So in your control system, you have heating elements that are held inside control of those under
0:07:09   temperature pressure from files. This also looks up Teoh Masback built in voting recipes so that you
0:07:19   can have overnight operation without attendance. Then there's safety systems. Yes, this will go into
0:07:28   an automatic shutdown if you go above your safety level. So again, one of the features on the
0:07:35   Prometheus is mass spec, which is very important to using our particle A guilty so they can ensure
0:07:42   doing chemistry that you think you are. And you're getting reaction on all of the service. I expect
0:07:48   his house up top part of the reactor. Here is a feature on some of our models. They hear that sit
0:07:55   right here. That's shown Francis. There are different types of breakers. Serves that use different
0:08:04   chemistries. Could be a little bit of pressure, media pressure, high vapor pressure precursors. Now
0:08:11   the delivery of those different rivers. Hurts or chemistries to the reactor are different, some of
0:08:17   them repeating for here your gas to get that chemical to reactor where your surface area lots the
0:08:25   high vapor pressure sensors are trying already. It's pretty simple to get into the medium vapor
0:08:33   pressure. Free preserves require carrier gas to that chemical reaction on your local pressure users
0:08:42   for quite a meeting to get to obtain a vapor pressure drug. That material and a carrier gas then
0:08:49   transferred to the booth. So again for those different precursors, if you need to get that delivery
0:08:59   of the terrible to the reactor way, have our bubbler systems where you have to feel for your dipped
0:09:06   to carrier gas enters and then the exit to the doctors. So the precursor delivery to mention you get
0:09:16   not precursor to vote home service Syrian. The biggest differences in our system here to awake, too.
0:09:25   We make sure that you're delivering that precursor. Here you're gaps
0:09:32   bumblers and the different precursors are high vapor pressure and the delivery of the temple to the
0:09:39   reactor particles are to go all of that surface area,
0:09:46   so
0:10:04   Sadam is going to remove the current reactor on the system here and then fill our prototype glass
0:10:13   reactor with the steam of still powder. Then reload that onto the reactor and show us some fluid
0:10:21   ization.
0:10:55   So when we load powder into the reactor, we always measure out the mass of the powder. And we always
0:11:01   know what the BT surface area is that we know how much total surface area is loaded into the reactor
0:11:08   and how much precursor that we're going to need to deliver
0:11:20   here
0:11:23   today. We're using the prototype glass reactor so that we can show you what fluid ization looks like.
0:11:29   This is not a standard reactor sold on Perm atheists, but it's used for us to look at how fluid
0:11:34   ization of our different materials is operating
0:11:57   the top plans that is going on to the reactor here. You couldn't actually see some of the filters
0:12:02   that air on top that ensure that we're maintaining the powder stays within the reactor for the
0:12:08   deposition.
0:12:12   So while removing or reinstalling the reactors important to go in a diagonal pattern as you're
0:12:21   attaching the reactor
0:12:40   again, going in that diagonal pattern when you attach your bolts
0:13:14   here, showing some rapid pollute ization of powder. This is how higher velocity than you would
0:13:21   normally use during deposition. And here is the normal food ization that you would be using to coat
0:13:29   material so that you get a nice even distribution of flow.
0:13:37   So thank you for joining us today to go part of failte way enjoying this overview system, different
0:13:45   models and features that are all the hard work of our scientists and engineers building this system.
0:13:53   We're very excited to introduce it to you way before talking to soothe future.